Fitness and Athletics


Faculty and Lecturers serving on various committees for the current academic year are listed below with number of years remaining to be served.

Continuing Members:

Sharon Albert (h)
Jorge Silveyra (s)
Kathleen Backynski (ss)



  1. To act in an advisory capacity on behalf of the College to the appropriate authorities and/or bodies regarding the policies and conduct of the athletic affairs of the College. Deliberations will include the following areas:
    • student participation in recreational, intramural and intercollegiate athletic events;
    • membership and affiliations with athletic associations and conferences such as the NCAA, ECAC, and the Centennial Conference;
    • the scheduling of athletic events, including the number of games to be played and the level of competition to be encountered;
    • compliance with Title IX Federal Regulations relative to women’s athletic programs;
    • number and variety of sports offered;
    • consistency of athletic programs with the academic goals of the College.
  2. To evaluate periodically the athletic program and facilities with attention to such areas as structure, development, and long-range plans.
  3. To report to the President at the concluding regular meeting of each semester or at any time during the semester if warranted.
  4. To make recommendations concerning athletic and fitness policy to the Board of Trustees.
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