Welcome to Alumni Week 2021

For this year's Alumni Week, we went virtual but kept it personal. In addition to this year's Zoom alumni panel, view these bonus content videos from even more alumni as they share about their time within the Psychology Department at Muhlenberg, what they're doing now, and words of advice for current students.

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Words of Advice for Current Students


Things I Gained from Studying Psychology at Muhlenberg

"My grad program...places a huge emphasis on multiculturalism and social justice. The education I received in Muhlenberg's psychology department provided me with an extensive background on such topics. The knowledge I gained from my courses allowed me to become more competent when it comes to discussing issues pertaining to multiculturalism, social justice, race and other social identities, oppression/privilege, etc."

-Kate Weisenseel ‘17

"One of the most important aspects that prepared me for my current work is the countless hours and opportunities that were available to me in the field. I was able to receive various practical experiences in schools and organizations around the Lehigh valley.”

-Jessica Gonzalez ‘13

"The Muhlenberg psych department's strong emphasis on research through coursework and opportunities to conduct research (with faculty and independently) definitely prepared me for my first graduate program in research methods and career in education research and program evaluation. The critical thinking, analytic, and writing skills that I acquired during my time at Muhlenberg have continued to serve me well over time."

-Jackie (MacFarlane) Bookman ‘09

"Learning about research methods and statistics was a great foundation for doing more applied research in the real world. Critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills were also very important. I think the psychology major also teaches you to be more aware of human behavior and that awareness is valuable in many ways."

-Laura Winger ‘10

"The biggest advantage I got from being at Muhlenberg Psychology was confidence. Being able to work closely with faculty members and in a tighter-knit environment made it easier when first learning how to give presentations and becoming comfortable when sharing my ideas."

-Deborah Ward ‘10


"A big part of my job is managing the employee experience at my current company. That includes a true analysis on why people act a certain way, what things inspire them and thus motivate them, and how we can build connection and find common grounds with a diverse population. Studying psychology and understanding how people work is necessary to be successful in this line of work. It's impossible to manage a workforce if you forget about human emotion and human behavior." 

-Allison Giordano ‘12


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