Student-Faculty Research Collaboration


Recent professional publications and presentations.

 Learning how to conduct empirical research is central to the education of the psychology major. After conducting research while at Muhlenberg, students often continue such work in graduate programs, and in business settings that increasingly depend on their employees to understand people and to know how to learn about them in systematic ways. Students are introduced to research immediately in Introductory Psychology by participating in research studies being conducted by our faculty and upper level students. This foundation continues through other courses in the major including Psychological Statistics and Research Methods. Most notably, the 400-level Advanced Research courses serve as our capstone course for the major. Students develop and conduct their own high-quality, novel, and sophisticated research studies. They practice valuable communication skills by presenting research at our in-house Psychology Day conference each semester.

Beyond the classroom, dozens of students each semester work directly with faculty on their research, and develop independent projects in collaboration with faculty. Specific faculty research interests vary widely (e.g., understanding trauma, risk perception, perceptions of ADHD and autism, music perception, multiculturalism). See our faculty pages for more information about current research interests. These collaborations frequently result in publications or presentations at regional, national, or even international professional conferences.

Current students interested in doing research can learn more here.


Psychology Senior Thesis Program & Graduation Honors

Each year, additional students choose to participate in our year-long thesis program featuring advanced, original research. The program is developmental in that it seeks to offer intellectually curious students an intensive year-long experience of mentorship and collaboration. Thesis students are eligible to receive graduation honors and may apply for one of the departmental annual research award: The Rosenberg Award and the Crist Family Research Fellowship. Successful completion of a thesis and a psychology GPA of 3.7 or better are both required for departmental graduation honors. For more information visit the this page.


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