Religion Studies Course Offerings

100-199: Themes and Motifs in the Study of Religion
These are 100-level courses that introduce students to the academic study of religion by tracing patterns and themes across religious traditions.

REL 201: Theory & Method in the Study of Religion
Offered annually in the fall, this course is required of all Religion Studies majors and strongly recommended for minors. Students will explore a variety of approaches to the academic study of religion.

202-299: Religions of the World
These courses are religion-specific, concentrating on a particular religious tradition or clusters of religions.

300-349: Religious Expressions (Texts, Rituals/Practices, Fine and Performing Arts)
These courses provide opportunities for students to explore diverse forms of religious expression. Each course offers an in-depth look at a phenomenon from a particular religious tradition.

350-399: Religion, Person, and Society
This is a series of thematic courses that examine specific theoretical, historical, geographical, political, and philosophical contexts for specific religious beliefs and practices. Courses may focus on a particular religious tradition or may emphasize theoretical approaches that apply across traditions.

400-499: Advanced Seminars in the Study of Religion

An advanced seminar is offered each spring as a “special topics” course. This culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) offers students the opportunity to explore a research topic in depth with other students and faculty.