Muhlenberg College provides four different types of opportunities for student research:

1. Summer Research Grants
The Student Summer Research Grant program is administered by the Dean of Academic Life. Students submit a formal proposal to the Dean’s office and, if approved, they receive 1 unit of credit for the research, free on-campus housing and a $3000 stipend for 8 weeks of work.

2. Travel Funds for Research
Funds are available for students seeking to present a scholarly work at a conference, to exhibit, or to perform, depending upon the nature of the discipline. The project must be authorized by a faculty member, and the student should complete a request form. Some funds are also available for a student to attend a conference at which s/he does not present, exhibit, or perform.

3. Summer Research Collaborations
In Summer Research Collaborations, a faculty member recruits a student as a research collaborator for the summer. That is, the student assists in a substantive way with the faculty member’s scholarship. A joint application must be submitted by the faculty member and the student.

4. Student Research Assistantships
The Research Assistantship Program allows faculty members to hire talented Muhlenberg students to assist them with the professional work required by their academic discipline. The program provides hands-on experience for Muhlenberg students who want to complement their classroom education with practical work experience and lets them see some aspect of professional scholarly activity from the inside.