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Undergraduate Collaborative Summer Research Program Application

 About Summer Research Collaborations

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Student Name:


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Overall GPA:

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PROJECT SCOPE We are applying for a 4 week 8 week project.

The student will  will not earn academic credit for this experience. (N.B. Students may earn no more than .5 units of credit for a four week project and 1 unit of credit for an eight week project)

If academic credit is to be earned, describe the academic project that will be assessed:


Questions to be answered by the faculty member:

  1. In the space provided please describe the summer research project in which you will engage and the anticipated outcome of this collaborative project (e.g., presentation, performance, publication). (limited to 500 characters)
  2. Describe the tools or methods the student collaborator will use and the question(s) that will be addressed.(limited to 500 characters)
  3. What are some characteristics of the particular student that you plan to collaborate with that make her/him an appropriate candidate? (limited to 500 characters)
  4. Do you have any other obligations (e.g., teaching, other research projects, travel that may affect your ability to supervise a full-time student collaborator (40hrs/week))? (limited to 500 characters)

Questions to be answered about the student:

  1. In the space provided, please list the academic experiences that have most directly prepared the student to be able to participate in this research. (limited to 500 characters)
  2. How might this research experience influence the student's long-term academic or career goals? (limited to 500 characters)
  3. Does the student have any other obligations (e.g. classes, other work, internships) that may affect his/her ability to work full time (40hrs/week)? (limited to 500 characters)