Melinda Gurr, Ph.D. Envelope
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

B.A. Anthropology and Economics, University of Utah
M.A. Anthropology, Syracuse University
Ph.D. Anthropology, Syracuse University

Dr. Melinda Gurr has joined Muhlenberg College as Visiting Assistant Professor for Academic Year 2022- 2023. Gurr's research focuses on the intersection between human rights, social movements, and sustainable development. Her doctoral work examined young people's experiences of agriculture and activism with Latin America's largest, most contentious social movement organization, the Landless Rural Workers' Movement, MST. Gurr has also completed research on timber plantations, aging, and rural depopulation in Araucanía, Chile, helping to evaluate the impacts of payment-for-ecosystems projects in promoting native forestry conservation. Given her expertise in participatory methodologies and knowledge of Brazilian social movements, Gurr also served as project director for an NSF/ERC-funded international, interdisciplinary research project, entitled "Helping the Poor Stay Put: Alternatives to Peripheralization in Central Rio de Janeiro." Gurr taught at Lahore University of Management Sciences, one of South Asia's top-ranked institutions, for four years. Gurr currently is part of a large, interdisciplinary project in the US. Entitled, "On the Prevalence and Impacts of Institutional Child Abuse," she has partnered with the #BreakingCodeSilence movement to demonstrate the urgent need to extend social, political, civil, and basic human rights to children and youth in the United States.