The George T. Ettinger Building

Sociology and AnthropologyThe Department of Sociology & Anthropology is housed in The George T. Ettinger Building, renovated during 1990-91, which is also home to Languages, Literatures & Culture, Political Science, Business, Accounting & Economics and History. The four-floor structure also houses the Walter and Margaret Berger Learning Center, the Office of Information Technologies, numerous computer laboratories, a state-of-the-art language learning center, the Price-Waterhouse accounting classroom and other instructional spaces.

Most courses offered in the Sociology & Anthropology Department are taught in the Ettinger Building, many in classrooms that are equipped with “TechWalls” to make it easier for faculty to use technology in their classes. A TechWall includes a computer (Windows 2000, CD-Rom, internet) laptop connection, VCR, DVD, TV tuner, document camera/overhead projector, and USB and audio/video connections. All media is projected onto a large screen from an LCD projector. All faculty in the department use multimedia in their teaching, and encourage its use in student projects.

The Ettinger Building’s variety of classroom arrangements allow faculty in the department to teach their courses in rooms ideally designed for a wide range of instructional uses. Traditional lecture classrooms and lecture theaters (some with computers at each student workstation) are where many of our introductory level courses are taught, while intermediate and upper-level courses are typically taught in Ettinger’s seminar rooms, which offer smaller classes a Socratic space for dialogue and discussion.