Doorway to building with sign reading Parents Council

Parents' Council

Members of the Parents' Council are invited annually by the president for a one-year, renewable term. They represent Muhlenberg families and are asked to share their perspectives and questions on College matters with the administration.

Members are expected to attend at least one of two meetings each year (during Family Weekend and a weekend in March/April), to become familiar with official College communicatons and to review information communicated by the Parents' Council chairs. Attendance at a fall reception and a spring dinner, hosted by the president, is appreciated.

Advocacy can extend beyond membership requirements as members of a network that serves the Career Center and/or as peer resources for newer parents during events such as Orientation, Move-in Day and Family Weekend.

Members are expected to make an annual gift before December of each year. Many also lend philanthropic support to programming and capital projects in addition to their annual contributions based on their interests and current needs.

For more information, contact Louis Diez, executive director of annual giving, at 484-781-2332 or

Parents' Council Members

Dr. Lance R. Bruck ’79, P’21 and Ms. Michal Katz P’21 

Mr. and Ms. Scott D. Curtis P’21

Mr. and Ms. Mark Ellis P’21

Mr. and Mrs. Grant J. Esposito P’21

Ms. Sandra Gong P’21 and Dr. Victor S. Sloan P’21

Dr. and Mrs. Eric P. Gothelf P’21

Ms. Marcia S. Helbling P’21 and Mr. Richard Tannenbaum P’21

Dr. Adina L. Kalet P’21 and Dr. Mark D. Schwartz P’21

Mr. and Mrs. James Kaye P’21

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Levine P’21

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Polverino P’21

Ms. Isabel G. Marcal P’21 and Mr. Thomas H. Roche P’21

Mr. and Ms. David Rutherford P’21

Mr. and Ms. James T. Sullivan P’21

Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Turner III P’21

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Waite P’21

Mr. and Ms. Robert Armknecht, Jr. P’22

Ms. Kathleen Boziwick P’22 and Mr. Ilya Oshman P’22

Mr. and Ms. Lawrence Dubin P’22

Mr. and Ms. Mark B. Friedman P’22

Mr. and Ms. William L. Hoffman P’22

Mr. and Ms. David M. Kleinhandler P’22

Mrs. Dalia S. Lisker P’22 and Dr. Ariel I. Jurmann P’22

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Matthews P’22

Mr. and Ms. Alexander L. Powers P’22

Ms. Beth A. Tracy P’22 and Mr. Christopher K. Dalrymple P’22

Mr. and Ms. William R. Wagner P’22

Mr. and Ms. Robert E. Ward P’22

Mr. and Ms. Bradley D. Wiener P’22

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Canell ’90, P’23

Ms. Ellynne Citron-Greenbaum P’23 and Mr. Brian Greenbaum P’23

Mr. and Ms. Mike E. Keeney P’23

Mr. and Ms. Thomas J. Kusner P’23

Mr. and Ms. Stan R. Levine P’23

Mr. and Ms. Michael J. Noble P’23

Mr. and Ms. David J. Slomin P’23

Mr. and Ms. Joseph W. Sokolowski, Jr. P’23

Mr. and Ms. Daniel R. Tassone P’23

Ms. Jennifer R. Angelo P’24

Mr. and Ms. Jonathan I. Loevy P’24

Mr. and Ms. Arne F. Salkin P’24

Hon. and Mrs. David Saxe P’24

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Wladis P’15, P’21

Dr. Leonard J. Moss P’17, P’20 and Dr. Ilene M. Moss P’17, P’20

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sellinger P’18, P’21

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Singman ’83, P’20, P’22

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Nochimson ’91, P’21, P’23

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Steiner P’21, P’24