The Young Alumni Council (YAC) is a resource for graduates of the last decade and its members work to strengthen the connection between the student experience and the alumni community.

Core Values

YAC's work is grounded in four key pillars: career development, student engagement, traditions and young alumni engagement. These pillars inform the council's goals and initiatives on an annual basis and serve as the foundation of its work. The efforts and contributions of council members, while self-directed in nature and flexible by design, must align with these pillars.

Engagement Opportunities

YAC members receive access to unique events, learning opportunities and alumni connections. Since its inception, YAC has hosted and/or sponsored a number of events for both current students and young alumni. Previous on-campus events have included YAC representation at first-year orientation, graduation, and Alumni Weekend as well as special events like finals week. YAC has also hosted members-only networking events at breweries and offered webinars on relevant topics for recent graduates.

Expectations of YAC Members

  • Council members are expected to:
  • Support council-wide programming and initiatives throughout the year
  • Maintain annual giving during Mulementum by making a gift in any amount that is personally meaningful and to any designation of your choosing
  • Participate in THAW (Toast Heard Around the World) by hosting or attending a group THAW event or through the Toast On Your Own option
  • Participate in two engagement initiatives during the fall semester (remote or on campus) and two engagement initiatives during the spring semester (remote or on campus)
  • Join The Muhlenberg Network

Engagement initiatives and council-wide programs are promoted to council members via the monthly YAC newsletter and through direct email communications from the president, vice president and members of the executive board.

Council members can choose in which two initiatives to engage during the fall and spring semesters, with many opportunities available to complete the required expectations. Members of the YAC are also encouraged to consider new ways in which they can fulfill their participation expectations, whether through an effort led by a specific academic department, the Career Center, etc. YAC members are expected to support council-wide initiatives and programs throughout the year to the best of their ability.

The Executive Board

The Young Alumni Council is led by an executive board of active volunteers. These positions help to manage communications amongst the council, organize events and volunteer opportunities, and drive philanthropy efforts for the group.

President: Amy Venuto '11
Vice President:  Mitch Hanna '14
Executive Board Member: Kaitie Burger '12
Executive Board Member: Carly Lyon '16
Staff Liaison: Hayley Peterson '18

Get Involved

Applications to join YAC are available on an annual basis to 'Berg alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years. 

For more information on how to get involved with the Young Alumni Council, contact the Alumni Office at