2020/21 Cardinal Keys

Madison Amdur '22
Madison is a neuroscience major from Roxbury, New Jersey.
Nicole Atkins '21
Nicole is an international business & spanish major from Broomhall, Pennsylvania.
Dani Barrett '22
Dani is a dance and psychology major from Hampden, Maine.
Sophie Berday '23
Sophie is a public health major from Boca Raton, Florida.
Johannah Bessell '22
Johannah is a biology major from Westborough, Massachusetts.
Josh Bordwick '22
Josh is from Lambertville, New Jersey.
Matthew Borrelli '23 
Matthew is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Melissa Borker '22 
Melissa is a public heath and psychology major from Livingston, New Jersey.
Brynn Cardonick '21
Brynn is a neuroscience and public health major from Ambler, Pennsylvania.
Louis Cocco '23
Louis is a media and communications, business and economics major from Sellersville, Pennsylvania.
Sarah Coffel '21
Sarah is a french and francophone studies and media and communications major from Lewes, Delaware.
Julia De Vita '23
Julia is a theatre (acting concentration) and media & communications major from Huntington, New York.
Jessica Deemer '21
Jessica is a psycholgy major from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Caroline Eby '21
Caroline is a environmental science major from Braintree, Massachusetts.
Emma Eglinton '23 
Emma is from Norristown, Pennsylvania.
Carina Filemyr '23
Carina is a neuroscience major from Cape May, New Jersey.
Brett Friedman '22
Brett is a finance and business administration major from Delmar, New York.
Rose Glantz '22
Rose is an accounting and economics major from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.
Arsen Arustamyan '23
Arsen is from Tenafly, New Jersey.
Jonathan Henry '21
Jonathan is a neuroscience major from Harleysville, Pennsylvania.
Maya Illovsky '21
Maya is a spanish and psychology major from Harrington Park, New Jersey.
James Kavanagh '21
James is a finance major from Montvale, New Jersey.
Olivia Keller '21
Olivia is a neuroscience major from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Shannon Kirk '21
Shannon is a neuroscience major from Spring Lake, New Jersey.
Kyle Lando '22
Kyle is from Lititz, Pennsylvania.
Maayan Malomet '21
Maayan is a psychology major from Highland Park, New Jersey.
Adam Marcus '22
Adam is an accounting and finance major from Pepper Pike, Ohio.
Cameron McCauley '21
Cameron is an english and elementary education major from Canton, Connecticut.
Hannah Merlo '21
Hannah is a business and finance major from Flemington, New Jersey.
Christina Mitry '22
Christina is a neuroscience major from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Chrissy Nagrowski '22
Chrissy is a dance science and sociology major from Milford, Pennsylvania.
Christian Nemeh '22
Christian is a neuroscience and theater major from Northampton, Pennsylvania.
Sarah O'Sullivan '22
Sarah is a dance and media and communications major from Mansfield, Massachusetts.
Yanet Ocampo '21
Yanet is a political science and french major from Park City, Illinois.
Hannah Ott '22
Hannah is a psychology and public health major from Breinigsville, Pennsylvania.
Ashley Paseltiner '23
Ashley is from Pompano Beach, Florida.
Roshni Patel '21
Roshni is a neuroscience major from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Dafina Pulatani '22
Dafina is a public health major from Lynbrook, New York.
Malak Rayes '21
Malak is a chemistry major from Ipswich, Massachusetts.
Juliana Reiner '21
Juliana is a psychology major from New Rochelle, New York.
Meg Rennar '22
Meg is a political science and international studies major from Brick, New Jersey.
Olivia Rescigno '21
Olivia is a theater and media and communication major from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.
Miranda Robinson '21
Miranda is a biochemistry major from Santa Cruz, California.
Emma Roppo '23
Emma is a pre-med and public health major from San Diego, California.
Kyle Ropski '22
Kyle is an economics major from Ambler, Pennsylvania.
Aly Rutherford '21
Aly is an international studies and religious studies major from Amherst, Massachusetts.
Adeeb Saed '22
Adeeb is a physics and mathematics major from Allentown, Pennsylvania. 
Kyra Schmidt '21
Kyra is a neuroscience major from Nanuet, New York.
Joshua Shavel '21
Joshua is a sociology major from Yardley, Pennsylvania.
Matt Steiner '21
Matt is a business administration major from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Sara Tabakha '22
Sara is a public health major from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Shu Tang '23
Shu is a philosophy and sustainability studies major from Guangzhou, China.
Jenna Tormey '21
Jenna is a dance and business administration major from Paramus, New Jersey.
Yael Turk '21
Yael is a psychology major from Sharon, Massachusetts.
Skyler Valentino '21
Skyler is an accounting and finance major from Chester, New York.
Ashley Veglia '21
Ashley is a dance and media and communications major from Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
Sarah Vetesi '21 
Sarah is a neuroscience major from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Elizabeth Witek '23
Elizabeth is a theater major from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.
James Wynne ’23
James is from Allentown, Pennsylvania.