Welcome to VoiceThread

Ever wanted to get feedback on a slide presentation before you deliver it? Or maybe you want students to peer review artworks or writing for a course. VoiceThread allows you to do all of this on a web-based application that is user friendly...really!  Used in K-12 and Higher Ed, VoiceThread brings the spoken word back into online and blended learning with recorded commenting.  Best part? It's already linked to your Canvas account! What more could we really ask for?  Check out the resources below to get started.  

Check out this great video from PennState on using VT!


Documentation and Helpful Resources

Canvas and VoiceThread: A step-by-step video that will help you integrate VT with your Canvas courses.

Quick Start: Check out this guide to using VoiceThread in your Canvas course.

PennState VoiceThread: Like the video above, Penn's website is full of great VoiceThread examples and documentation. Check it out for extra inspiration.

VoiceThread Documentation: Created by VoiceThread, this comprehensive documentation covers everything you could ever want to know.


Using VoiceThread in Online Learning (TechTuesday Series)



There's an App for That

VoiceThread can be used on any browser and is available through your phone! Download VoiceThread from the Apple Store or Google Play.

 How are YOU using VoiceThread?

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