Congratulations, Class of 2020

Class of 2020, here's a little something to help you share the good news that you're about to graduate from Muhlenberg College. These designs may be printed on lawn signs, available from stores like Staples or Office Depot, to celebrate your accomplishments. Click on the PDF link to save any of the images as a PDF file.

If you would like to save the images for other use, such as a background for your desktop, right-click and save any of the images below. If you want to use the background on your phone or tablet, just long-press on an image to save it to your device.

Commencement - 2020 Congrats Sign

Commencement - 2020 Congrats 24x18 (PDF)

Commencement - 2020 Congrats 18x12 (PDF)

Commencement - Class of 2020 Sign

Commencement - 2020 Graduate Sign 24x18 (PDF)

Commencement - 2020 Graduate Sign 18x12 (PDF)