Image for Samantha Anglestein

Samantha Anglestein

Enrollment Outreach Manager and Corporate Liaison

Image for Vincent Arezzi

Vincent Arezzi

Director, Marketing

Image for Mike Baca, MBA

Mike Baca, MBA

Program Coordinator, Information Systems Management

Image for Amy Benninger

Amy Benninger

Digital Marketing Specialist

Image for Allison Cramer

Allison Cramer

Administrative Assistant

Image for Charles French, Ph.D.

Charles French, Ph.D.

Major Advisor, English

Image for Carol Hausman

Carol Hausman

Administrative Assistant, Evening

Image for Jane Hudak, M.Ed.

Jane Hudak, M.Ed.

Dean, Muhlenberg College School of Continuing Studies

Image for Linda Grube

Linda Grube

Student Accounts Administrator

Image for Joseph Kornfeind, M.S.

Joseph Kornfeind, M.S.

Associate Dean and Director, Veterans Affairs

Image for AJ Lemheney, Ed.D.

AJ Lemheney, Ed.D.

Vice President and Executive Director, Muhlenberg College Division of Graduate and Continuing Education

Image for Lisa Lewis

Lisa Lewis

Director, Advising and Academic Success

Image for Mary McGovern

Mary McGovern

Director, Special Projects

Image for Michael B. Miller, Ed.D.

Michael B. Miller, Ed.D.

Associate Dean, Accelerated Programs

Image for Dan Molesky, M.S.

Dan Molesky, M.S.

Program Coordinator, Human Resources

Image for Kim Myerson

Kim Myerson

Financial Aid Administrator

Image for Gregg Scully, M.A.

Gregg Scully, M.A.

Associate Dean and Program Coordinator, Healthcare Management

Image for Roger Slane, MBA

Roger Slane, MBA

Major Advisor, Business

Image for Caity Stonaker

Caity Stonaker

Presidential Assistant

Image for Thomas R. Szabo

Thomas R. Szabo

Director, Teacher Certification