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Spread Your Wings and Fly
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Muhlenberg Class Notes

News that appears in this issue was received by the editor on or before September 13, 2001. If your news arrived after that date, it will appear in the Winter issue. News for that issue must arrive to the editor by December 20, 2001. News arriving after that date will appear in the Spring issue.

All submissions may be edited and are subject to space restrictions. Photos with a name and address on the back will be returned. Mail to the Alumni Office, 2400 Chew Street, Allentown, PA 18104 or submit a Muhlenberg Class Notes Form online at: http://www.muhlenberg.edu/alumni/alumniform.html

I N    M E M O R I A M
1929Mrs. Mae E. Murphy
Mr. W. Lester Trauch
1930Mr. Carl F. Ritter
1931Dr. Lee A. Graver
(Editor's note: Due to publishing deadlines, we are unable to run a full memorial notice on Mr. Graver. More information will appear in the next issue.)
Mr. John R. Helwig, Jr.
Mr. H. Denton Kriebel
Mr. M. Henry Ulrich
1932Mr. Harold E. Artz
Mr. Lawrence J. Reimert
1933Mr. Henry A. Lubsen
Mr, Alfred L. Mattes
Mr. Arthur D. McTighe
1936Mr. Otto L. Mattner
1938Rev. Luther H. Bealer
1939Mr. Vernon S. Andrews
Mr. Karl A. Osborn
1941Dr. John S. Ammarell, Jr.
Mr. Roy R. Borger
Mr. Paul M. Humanick
Mr. Luther J. Kemmerer
Mr. Lindley N. Yerg
1942Dr. Edward J. Flanagan
Mr. Alfred A. Laubach
Mr. Robert H.A. Laudenslager
Mr. Charles E. Mortimer
1943Mr. Clayton O.P. Werley
1944Mr. Charles A. Goodall
1945Mr. Marlowe W. Hartung, Jr.
1947Mr. Raymond R. Hefter
Mr. Arthur H. Long, Jr.
1948Mr. Robert B. Battersby
Rev. Donald D. Pritz
Mr. Rodger M. Volpe
1949Mr. John Lush
Rev. Earlin H. Lutz
1950Mr. Theodore F. Britton
Mr. Franklin L. Collie
Mr. Paul T. Fegley
Mr. Richard H. Feilbach
Mr. John F. Maxwell
Mr. James T. Mulqueen
Mr. William J. Schatz II
Mr. Albert Sisson
1951Attny. Wilbur C. Creveling, Jr.
1952Mr.Robert C. Knappenberger, Sr.
1953Mr. Jules Goldstein
1957Mr. Harry A. Hartzell, Jr.
Mr. Franklin G. Haslam
Mr. William R. Mosolino
1958Mr. William S. Miller
1959Mr. Ronald B. Scholl
1961Mr. Jon R. Reed
1965Mrs. Nancy C. (Weltz) Edwards
1967Dr. John E. Elliston
1969Mrs. Mary Montgomery
Mr. Philip L. Parker
1970Dr. Linda R. Roe
1974Mr. Richard A. Lorenz
1976Mr. Robert Malchodi
1982Ms. Corrine R. Santerian
1988Mr. Barry J. Koehler
1990Mrs. Barbara L. Felty
1991Capt. Salvatore Brancato, Jr. DMD
1992Mr. Alan H. Merdinger
1994Craig Lilore - non degree
1998Mr. Davin N. Peterson

S P E C I A L    N O T I C E S

Dr. Charles E. Mortimer, '42, professor emeritus, former head of the Chemistry Department and premedical advisor, died in Allentown on June 4, 2001. Mortimer received his B.S. degree from Muhlenberg in 1942 and then spent three years as a research associate with the Manhattan Project. He completed his M.S. and Ph.D. at Purdue University and joined the Muhlenberg faculty in 1950, where he served until his retirement in 1983. While at Muhlenberg, Mortimer devoted himself to continuously improving chemical education, stating on retirement that he "taught general chemistry for 32 years and never taught the same course." He was an emeritus member of the ACS. He was also a member of the American Association of University Professors, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Lambda Upsilon, and Sigma Xi.
Robert L. Schaeffer, professor emeritus, died in Allentown on June 21. A professor of botany and related subjects, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Haverford College in 1936 and received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1940. He completed his post-doctoral studies at Yale University. A Navy veteran of World War II, he is survived by a brother, Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer of Allentown, and a niece and a nephew.

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