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Welcome Aboard: Alumni and students greet the class of 2005 Office of Admissions shows its appreciation to AAA volunteers Same faces, new titles

A sizzlin' summer for Muhlenberg alums

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Keeping the tradition alive...
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Welcome Aboard:
Alumni and students greet the class of 2005

This summer generous alumni and current Muhlenberg students and their families hosted get-togethers in several parts of the country for the incoming class of 2005 through the Muhlenberg "Welcome Aboard" program.

At these gatherings, first-year students and their parents were treated to food and fellowship and given the opportunity to meet local families. We are pleased to report that this summer's "welcome" events drew a record-breaking attendance of 355 first-year students.

Our hats go off to this year's hosts - we couldn't have done it without you:
Long Island Area -- Scott, Karen, Marissa '01, Andy '04 and Brad '05 Lutzer
New England Area -- Perry, Jan, Elliot '02 and Scott '04 Silver
Connecticut Area -- Jordan, Nancy and Sarah '02 Stitzer
Washington D.C. Area -- Rebecca '83 and Rob Simmons
Lehigh Valley Area -- Dave '67 and Lois '94 Nowack
Philadelphia Area -- Harry '67, Wendy, Louis '93, Erica '00, Rachael '01 and Amanda '03 Lessig
Berks County Area -- Trygve '73 and Kathy Kleppinger
Long Beach Island, NJ Area -- Tom '63, Harriet Worthington '63 and Tom '91 Mendham
Long Valley, NJ Area -- Tammy Bormann '83 and Mark Paris '80
Morristown, NJ Area -- Ed '59 and Barbara Meyer.

Office of Admission shows its appreciation
to AAA volunteers

Alumni Admission Ambassadors often represent Muhlenberg at College Fairs around the country. The Office of Admission would like to take a moment to recognize those Ambassadors (and some parents, too!) who covered fairs during the 2000-01 year:

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Anderson, parents of Betsy '99; Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shimkin, parents of Elizabeth '98 and Peter '96; Stanley and Gloria Zwirn, parents of Jennifer '99; Emily Gerrett 00; Laura Varrone '98; Gina Evangelista '93; Allison McConomy '99; Shannon Cooney '00; Jen Erickson '97; Mary (Varney) Cotillo '98; Kathy Joslyn '73.

The Office of Admission would also like to express its gratitude to 'Berg senior Joy Chen '02, who represented Muhlenberg through her internship at Merck at its 3rd annual College Fair this summer.

Photo of Kathy Joslyn '73
A very special thanks goes out to Kathy Joslyn '73, who covered 4 fairs for Muhlenberg in the Chicago area. Here she is in action at the Niles Township College Fair in Skokie, Illinois that took place on Sept.12, 2001.

Same faces, new titles

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations recently announced the following promotions:
  • Jennifer (Van Woert) Tran '93 has been named Assistant Vice President of Development and Director of Alumni Relations.
  • Carey Hilton '99 has been named Regional Development Officer.

"These new titles signify the hard work of the alumni relations staff and demonstrate the importance of alumni relations and development work within the life of the College," says Tilghman Moyer, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations.

Written and/or compiled by the Alumni Relations Office.

Jennifer Tran '93

Carey Hilton '99

You can contact the Alumni Office at
2400 Chew Street
Allentown PA, 18104

Phone: 800-464-2374
Fax: 484-664-3545
Email: bergalum@muhlenberg.edu

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