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“Higher education is a very competitive enterprise today,” explains John Heffer, chairman of the board of trustees and parent of a former Muhlenberg student. “At Muhlenberg, we compete for the best students and the best faculty. To attract both, we need competitive salaries, substantial student aid plans, outstanding programs, and modern facilities. To accomplish this, we need financial resources. The Pride & Progress capital campaign is our vehicle to attain these goals.”

Moyer adds “we are competing with institutions that have five times the size of our endowment, with the availability of scholarships and financial aid, with state of the art facilities. When people see $70 million, they say ‘that’s a lot of money’ and it is, but it will be used for important purposes that help to ensure that Muhlenberg continues to rank among the best liberal arts institutions in the country now and well into the future.”

Muhlenberg’s interim president, James Steffy, echoes this perspective: “The successful completion of the Pride & Progress campaign will assure that Muhlenberg College remains competitive with other prestigious liberal arts institutions with whom it vies for students through student financial aid, facilities and endowment.”

$20 million
needs to be met
by December 31

The Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation has issued an extraordinarily generous campaign challenge: raise $20 million and the foundation will match it with a $10 million grant for building projects as part of the Pride & Progress campaign.

Toward this $20 million mark, Muhlenberg has secured more than $11 million in
campaign gifts and pledges. Your help
is urgently needed in order to meet this challenge by December 31.

The Foundation will match ALL PLEDGES for building projects, including the Life Sports Center, the renovations to Trumbower, and the Seegers Union expansion. Pledges by individuals may be paid over a period
of years.

This is not the first challenge that the Foundation has delivered to Muhlenberg: $7.5 million was given to the College’s last campaign, also in the form of a
donor challenge.

For more information about this
campaign challenge, contact Tilghman Moyer at the College: 484-664-3247
or toll-free 1-800-464-2374 or by
e-mail: moyer@muhlenberg.edu.


A large percentage of the funds raised through the campaign are earmarked for building projects and renovations. To date, two new residence halls, Robertson and South Halls, have already been completed, with the first group of students moving in this past spring, and major renovations are planned for the Student Union, Trumbower Hall and the Life Sports Center.

The Union will gain major kitchen space, as well as additional space for student activities, academic support services, the office of career development and placement and more room for dining areas and meeting rooms. The Life Sports Center will be expanded, adding new recreation and fitness centers, additional locker rooms and coaches’ offices, and a new Health and Counseling Center.

And, while all of these projects are vitally important to Muhlenberg’s future, ultimately, Moyer says, Pride & Progress is about people.

“It is about the individuals, the generations of students and the countless faculty, staff and community members who will be using these facilities. It’s about lasting improvements to our physical campus and endowments that will support Muhlenberg students and faculty for many years to come and adds to the value of the Muhlenberg degree.”



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