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special notices

Karl A. Peckmann ’54, a member of the Board’s Executive Committee and honorary chair of the Development, Alumni and Public Affairs Committee, died on June 15, 2002. He is survived by Ruth, his wife of 43 years, his daughter Jeanette, ’92 and his twin brother Hans ’55.

Karl was a charter member of the Entrepreneurial Studies Program Advisory Committee of the College. In 1992, he received the Muhlenberg College Alumni Association Achievement Award for service to the College. In May of 2000, he was the first recipient of the Robert C. Horn Award, an honor given every 10 years for outstanding service and long-term dedication to Muhlenberg College.

Chip Hurd ’86, associate dean of students, summarized the Muhlenberg community’s great affection and admiration for Karl in a heartfelt eulogy: “To know Karl was to love him…He was a giant of a man – an oracle if you will, who was revered by all. He was a pillar of strength, a beacon of shining light, and a leader who commanded the trust and respect of everyone. One of my colleagues liked to refer to Karl as ‘E.F. Hutton.’ Because, when Karl Peckmann spoke, people listened.”


I N   M E M O R I A M
1921 Dr. Herbert E. Weiser
1931 Mr. George L. Balthaser
1934 Mr. David C. Dries
1935 Mr. Henry M. Brader
  Mr. Herbert I. Cohen
  Mr. Rudolf Koster
  Mr. Milton Lowy, Esq.
1936 Mr. Henry E. Klausfelder
1937 Mr. Israel A. Yost
1938 Rev. Edward S. Horn
  Mr. Thomas D. Williams
1939 Mr. Luther H. Vogel
1940 Rev. Dr. Stephen C. Hurnyak
  Mrs. Congretta A. Zelinksy
1941 Mr. William L. Deibert
  Mr. Richard S. Worsley
  Mr. John J. Zimmerman
1942 Mr. Luther F. Cressman
  Mr. Harold L. Knauss
  Mr. John J. Minogue
1944 Mr. Harry J. Zanks
1945 Atty. James C. Bowen
  Mr. Linas V. Ledebur, Jr.
  Dr. Milton M. Lownes, Jr.
  Dr. Clarence Paul Nay
1946 Dr. Alfred L. Jenkins
1948 Mr. Robert P. Desch
1949 Mr. James F. Christman
  Mr. Lewis S. Hegedus
  Atty. Michael E. Sedmak
1950 Mr. James H. Chafey
  Mr. Howard T. Harris, Jr.
  Mr. Richard E. Raby
  Mr. Dean L. Small
  Mr. Sterling A. Stryker
  Mr. Roger R. Tolosky
1951 Dr. Edward Lychak
1952 Mr. W. Roger Gehman
1953 Mr. Grant R. Ludder
1954 Mr. Karl A. Peckmann
1955 Mr. Robert G. Maxwell
1958 Mr. Brecknell M. Dierolf
1961 Mr. Frank P. Ifkovits
  Mr. Paul G. Riffle
1962 Mr. Richard A. Adam
  Mr. Roland T. Houseknecht
1963 Mr. Raymond D. Bauman
1965 Mr. Alan P. Schantz
1967 Mr. David J. Schneck
  Dr. Philip M. Schneider
1968 Miss Judith A. Mcdanolds
  Mr. Donald O. Peck
1969 Mr. Carl W. Kegel
  Mrs. Linda H. Knappenberger
1971 Mr. Wallace S. Colmorgan
1980 Dr. David J. Feit
1981 Mr. Frank G. Murphy
1989 Mr. Eric T. Sussman
2000 Ms. Elizabeth A. Carlson
  Mr. Matthew J. Hazelton
2001 Mr. Keith Houser


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