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A Farewell to the Courts:
      Muhlenberg College
      Women’s Tennis Reunion

On May 10, 2003, as the construction crew was beginning to dismantle the tennis court fencing, Michelle Marangi Ring ’88, Laura Lemole Dupont ’87, Kerri Waldowski ’01 and Marissa Lutzer ’01 were completing the final match ever to be played on the old courts. With the expansion of the Life Sports Center, the tennis complex has been relocated to Kern Field. As old made way for new, Coach Linda Andrews welcomed back to campus the tennis alumnae that spanned the 20 years of her coaching tenure at the college. Fourteen former tennis team members spent the day playing a competitive round robin tournament and reliving their days as Muhlenberg College athletes. It was no surprise that Muhlenberg Hall of Fame tennis athlete Michelle Marangi Ring was the top prizewinner of the tournament. The day concluded with an awards presentation, a reception and dinner at the Hoffman House. Coach Andrews concluded the program with her fond memories and the following statement to all of her former players, “I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.”

Pictured at the Hoffman House:
Top row (l to r) Kristin Dieter ’97, Laura Lemole Dupont ’87, Ilyse O’Desky ’86, Michelle Marangie Ring ’88, Jill Gregor ’92, Dawn Degnan VanDooijeweert ’91, Coach Linda Andrews
Middle row (l to r) Melanie Moore Lapoint ’97, Randi Schnur ’01, Kerri Waldowski ’01, Marissa Lutzer ’01 Front row (l to r) Kristin Cahayla ’00, Lindsay Goward ’03, Kristen DiLorenzo ’02
Missing from photo Megan Barry Fitzsimmons ’92


Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On Saturday, September 6, 125 alumni from the Metro New York and Boston Regional Alumni Clubs met for a fun-filled day at Yankee Stadium, featuring the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

Prior to the game, alumni gathered in the Great Moments room for a pre-game lunch and a warm welcome from Metro New York Alumni Club leader, Matt Daly ’98, and Muhlenberg’s president, Randy Helm. Many thanks to alumnus Jim Murray ’99 for providing more than 40 raffle prizes for the event, including a jersey and ball autographed by the Yankees’ own Roger Clemens!

After the reception it was game time, and alumni enjoyed a crystal-clear day at the park. Yankee fans may have left a little disappointed, but Red Sox fans were all smiles after an 11-0 Boston win.

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A Farewell to the Courts
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
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