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David Joseph Gelman

Jonah Klechevsky

Madison Lucosky

Sophia Kachel

Taylor Marvel

Emily Zatorski

Isabel Fronzaglia

Jonathan Sean Soltesz


Merrick and Rachel (Silverman) Benn are elated to announce the birth of their first son (a pure-bred Mule!), Ashton Reese, on March 11, 2004. Ashton weighed 7 lbs, 11.4 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Mother and son are doing great. Rachel is an urgent care physician at Franklin Square Hospital’s ER. Also, Merrick just joined the financial services group in the Baltimore office of 975-lawyer firm, Piper Rudnick LLP, where he continues his practice in representing lenders and lessors in highly structured financial transactions. Maxwell Simon Cantley was born to Joe and Caryn (Levine) Cantley on June 5, 2004. Caryn will be taking a leave from her job as a school psychologist to stay home with Max. She also hopes to finish her doctoral dissertation. David Joseph Gelman was born to Jeff Gelman and Lisa (Altman) Gelman ’96 on June 15, 2004 at 6:03 a.m., weighing 7 lbs, 1 oz. and measuring 20 inches long. Michelle (Robbins) Klechevsky and husband Eugene announce the birth of their son, Jonah Emanuel Klechevsky on January 16, 2004. He weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz. and was 21 inches long. Tara (Woods) Lucosky and her husband, Joe, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Madison Marie, born on November 26, 2003. Madison weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz. and was 21 inches long. The family lives in Holmdel, N.J. Matthew Lyle writes, “My first child was born on June 29, 2004. Our baby boy, named Cade Matthew, weighed 8 lbs 13 ozs and was 21 inches.” Alexander Marks, son of Lauren Fischer Marks, celebrated his first birthday in April. In attendance were many Muhlenberg Alumni from the class of 1995. Brian Towsen and his wife Lisa Cardillo Towsen announce the birth of their second son, Christopher Craig on May 15, 2004.

(top row, left to right) Louisa Ross-Eilander, Kelly Gallagher Kinney, Lauren Fischer Marks, Jillan Palmer Bocina, Silvia Stam Klienle, (bottom row) Maya Abad Emmons, Geri Halsband Fishman and Landa Graziano Martin.



Eric and Betsy (Schultz) Kachel are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Sophia Eve. Born July 7, 2004, she weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz. and measured 19 inches.


Chris and Jill (Hoffman) Marvel are happy to announce the birth of their son, Taylor Hudson, on February 19, 2004. Christian and Allison (Cornish) Perrucci announce the birth of their daughter, Ave Rae Perrucci on June 27, 2004 at 12:31 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz. Allison writes that she is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Michael and Stacy (Armo) Zatorski ’99 are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Emily Victoria on April 26, 2004.


Gil and Alli (Braus) Fronzaglia are happy to announce the birth of their daughter, Isabel Grace. Isabel was born on June 16, 2004, weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz. Alli is beginning a new career as a stay-at-home mom, and Gil is the Executive Vice President for Blue Buffalo Company. The family lives in Darien, Conn. Fay (Hiller) Verbel and her husband Jason Verbel are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter Jenna Stephanie on June 9, 2004. Jenna weighed 7 lb and was 19 3/4 inches. The Verbels live in Springfield, N.J., but are in the process of building a new house in Warren, N.J.


Cheryl (Nelson) Noga writes, “My husband and I just had our first child. I recently gave birth to a baby boy. Connor Michael was born on February 26, 2004. I am currently working for Merck & Co., Inc. recruiting scientists for Merck Research Laboratories.”


Jonathan and Kristine (Brink) Soltesz are proud to announce the birth of their son, Jonathan Sean Soltesz, Jr., on May 16, 2004. The Soltesz family lives in Hainesport, N.J.


Abram and Marah (Ritchey) ’02 Anderson write, “On May 3 we had our first child, Finnegan James. Abram is a stay-at-home father and Marah been working with Smith Barney in New York City for two years now and has recently been promoted to Financial Consultant.”


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