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Succeeding against all odds
Class Notes Form, In Memoriam, Special Notices

T H E    S I X T I E S

Muhlenberg College has appointed Trustee Edward M. Davis '60 Chairman of the Circle of 1848, the College's planned giving recognition society. Mr. Davis has served on the Board of Trustees since 1999 and is a member of the Student Affairs and Religious Life Committees.

The Circle of 1848 recognizes those individuals who have made trust arrangements, life income gifts or bequest intentions for the College's benefit. THe Circle includes more than 300 alumni, faculty, parents and friends.

'62   James E. Goggin and his wife Eileen (Brockman) recently published a book called "Death of a 'Jewish Science': Psychoanalysis in the Third Reich" through Purdue University Press. Goggin says that one of the sources of inspiration for the book was his four years at Muhlenberg. Plus, he writes, "the history faculty, Hagen Staack and his friends helped form the basis that led to the historical questions this book attempts to answer."

'65   Donald S. Heintzelman recently released his 16th book dealing with birds and wild life, titled "The Complete Backyard Birdwatcher's Home Companion," published by Ragged Mountain Press/McGraw-Hill. Drawing on nearly 50 years of experience in ornithology, Heintzelman tells readers how to plan, organize and shape their backyards to create a perfect environment for attracting birds.

'67   Fred Baus and his wife Cathy are pleased to announce that their daughter, Laura, has graduated from Syracuse University. Fred is CEO of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium in Worcester, Mass.

'68   Lehigh Valley Magazine named Stefan Goslawski a 2001 Lehigh Valley Mover & Shaper for his role in developing a program to deter inner-city youth from drugs and street crime. Founded in 1995, his initiative, known as Community Bike Works, gives young people the opportunity to earn a bicycle through self-discipline and commitment. Students in the program, ages nine to 17, spend one day a week for 13 weeks learning to ride and repair donated bikes. Those who successfully complete the program get to keep their bikes and, to date, 300 youngsters have done so.

T H E    S E V E N T I E S

'71   In May the Senate unanimously confirmed Arthur F. Rosenfeld to be General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board. He was nominated for the four-year position by President Bush. Prior to the appointment, Arthur served as senior labor counsel of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

Paulette (Kutzler) Obrecht has just completed her second year as director of pupil services for Nazareth Area School District in Nazareth, Pa. Paulette and her husband John experienced their first year of "empty-nest syndrome," since their two sons, John and Peter, were both away at college this year. Dr. Ralph E. Mirarchi was recently named the William R. and Fay Ireland Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Science in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University in Alabama. Ralph has been teaching and conducting research at Auburn for the last 23 years. He and his wife Cynthia F. (Flora) Mirarchi live in Opelika, Ala., and Cynthia is a teacher's aide with the Opelika school system.

'72   Since retiring as senior operations manager with Poly Hi Solidur in Scranton, Pa., Charles E. Henry has been keeping busy by writing articles on hiking/history for the Easton Express-Times newspaper -- two of which have been picked up and distributed by The Associated Press. An economics major at Muhlenberg, Charles reports that in the future he plans to devote some time to writing about economics. He and his wife Donna live in Easton, Pa.

'73   The Rev. Allen R. Riethmiller is a member of the board of directors of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pa., and chairs the development committee. He is the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in West Newton, Pa.

'74   Kudos to David Laubach, who graduated from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, with a M.S. in rehabilitation counseling in May of 2000. David now works for the Texas Rehabilitation Commission in Fort Worth.

'75   Proactive might be a good word to describe Sherri (Lander) Flynn and her husband Les, who decided that there was no better time than the present to enjoy the peace and quiet of Sparks, Nev. Sherri writes, "We moved away from the crowds and insane pace of the Bay Area last May to beautiful northern Nevada. We were planning to retire here but decided 'why wait ?' if we can go now. I love having a life again. Five years of living and working in Silicon Valley was more than enough." Today, Sherri works as a computer programmer for the City of Sparks and she and Les own a house on 10 acres that they share with a horse, two llamas, a dog and three cats. Sherri also reports that in her "other life" she worked with Mike Kurtz, who is doing well and working for SBC Communications in San Ramon.

'76   It really is a small world after all, as Julie Campbell and retired Muhlenberg sociology professor Frank McVeigh met up in Kenya this spring. A former social work student at Muhlenberg, Julie heads a Protestant missionary for Africa Inland Missions. She has also worked at the Cheppema Children's Home and Orphanage in East Africa.

'78   Michael F. McDevitt recently began a new job as marketing coordinator/technical writer for Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc., a civil engineering and consulting firm in Delaware. Mike is currently living in Bear, Del., with his three dogs, while working on his gardens, his music and a book about his experiences.

'79   Bob Vaias, his wife Karen and their daughter Emily live in Basking Ridge, N.J. Bob is a physical therapist, although he still continues acting on the side. Bob most recently starred in "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" at the Somerset Valley Playhouse Theatre. Fellow alums Mitch Goldblatt, Rich Romeo, Mark Paris '80 and Tammy Bormann '83 attended one of Bob's performances.

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