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Succeeding against all odds
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Succeeding against all odds

Cerebral palsy may have silenced Clinton T. Hilliard's voice, but it has done nothing to quiet his zest for life or diminish his pride in his alma mater.

Although Hilliard, '51 was not the loudest of his classmates in attendance at the Reunion Weekend festivities in May, his presence certainly spoke volumes about the depth of character, intellectual strength and personal drive that are synonymous with a Muhlenberg education.

It seems that Hilliard has been beating the odds his entire life--he was born in Easton, Pa. on March 16, 1927 more than two months prematurely with cerebral palsy, a brain disorder that causes a loss of motor control. Doctors told his parents that it was unlikely that their newborn son would live past the age of 36 and that he would never lead a productive life.

Clearly, at 73 years old, Hilliard has more than proven those doctors wrong. In addition to receiving a B.A. in natural science from Muhlenberg, Hilliard went on to earn a master's degree in speech pathology from the University of Alabama in 1955.

But Hilliard's road to academic success wasn't easy either. The president of the first college he applied to made it quite clear that the school would not accept someone in Hilliard's condition, stating that "it would be crucifying to accept a boy like Hilliard" because he wouldn't be able to keep up.

Fortunately Hilliard soon found an accepting and loving home at Muhlenberg, where he became a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. And, it was Hilliard's Muhlenberg English professor, Andrew Erskine, who suggested that Hilliard look into the speech pathology program at the University of Alabama.

After finishing graduate school, Hilliard sent out more than 150 applications before landing the first job in what would become a life-long career in the speech pathology field. In addition to positions with the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Hilliard served as head of the speech and hearing departments of both the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, N.H., and the Hogan Regional Center in Danvers, Mass.

At one point he also taught summer school at Boston-based Northeastern University and Boston University.

In addition to these accomplishments, Hilliard is especially proud of obtaining his driver's license, in the face of a less-than-charitable driving examiner who said of Hilliard, "You mean that thing is going to drive." He passed the test on the first try. And, this is not the first time that Hilliard and his impressive life story have appeared in print--he has been featured in the Boston Globe, Profile of Courage magazine and numerous other publications.

In the face of physical adversity and external prejudices, Hilliard, who lives in Nottingham, N.H. with his daughter Judith, credits family encouragement and a loving and caring wife among the key ingredients in his success. Beyond that, he says that "self-reliance, a quick brain, perseverance and a ready smile" have made all the difference.

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I N    M E M O R I A M

1925Mr. Allen S. Kindt
Rev. Allen H. Roth
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S P E C I A L    N O T I C E S

Florence "Betty" Miller, 88, dies Sunday, March 4. She was a recorder at Muhlenberg from 1948 - 1982 and organized the College's retired female employees group. Dr. Charles Mortimer, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, died on Monday, June 4. A member of the Class of 1941, he taught at Muhlenberg from 1963 - 1983.


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