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Nina Forsberg
Dalton, PA
Major: English
Minor: Environmental Studies

What I'm doing next...
I will be teaching English in South Korea through a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship award.

Fondest memories and what I'll miss most...
I most cherish all of the resources that were so accessible and abundant at Muhlenberg. I remember rushing into a poetry reading by a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet in my knee-high soccer socks, directly after playing in an IM game. I also remember serving coffee at Java Joe's to English professors who came so often they didn't have to look up from their books to order. I'll miss the days of studying outside on the campus lawns, getting grass blades caught in-between my notebook pages. My only obligation those days was making it to class, where there was stimulating discussion between a small group of students and engaging professors. I'll also miss having friends just doors away.

What I'll take with me...
I feel that I'm graduating with a sincere thirst for learning that I will expand upon as I move further into life. I now stand on a solid foundation of practical experiences from internships and participation in campus life, and knowledge that goes beyond being easily forgotten facts and terms. Instead, I have been given the ability to analyze and question what I come across on my own.

Ron DeBiasse
Madison, NJ
Major: Accounting

What I'm doing next...
I will be working for Deloitte & Touche in the Manhattan office. I will be with the Dispute and Litigation Consulting Group, which specializes in litigation accounting services and forensic accounting. My longer-term goals are to become a special agent with the FBI or Secret Service.

Fondest memories and what I'll miss most...
My four years of football will always stick with me. Specifically, reporting to camp for the first time (a particularly nerve-racking activity) and my first game as a starter (also the first game on our new field). Plus, I will never forget our huge Walz versus Prosser water gun fight freshman year. Eventually we couldn't go out without water guns--we were carrying them to class.

In terms of what I'll miss most--it's the little things like eating in the Garden Room with friends and walking down Academic Row just after class gets out.

What I'll take with me...
My four years at Muhlenberg were truly a great experience. In addition to a great education, I will be leaving with many things. The friends I made during my career at Muhlenberg have impacted my life tremendously. The college atmosphere allowed me to grow and take full advantage of the resources available.

Zarabeth "ZB" Parker
Womelsdorf, PA
Major: Theater
Minor: Music

What I'm doing next...
I'll be teaching high school chemistry in the Mississippi Delta through Teach for America - a division of AmeriCorps that helps bring enthusiastic individuals to the classrooms of under-resourced areas in America. The goal of Teach for America is that "one day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education." I actually started Muhlenberg as a natural science major, so that's where my chemistry background comes from.

Fondest memories and what I'll miss most...
I'm going to miss the camaraderie of college--everyone tackling the same things at the same time and supporting each other through the journey. The memories of life in the darkened theater during tech week will forever be burned in my mind, and the amazing way a show pulls together in those final hours will continue to inspire me through the new challenges I will be facing. I'm going to miss all of the fabulous hours of conversation in professors' offices talking about life, learning and dreams. And most importantly, I'm going to miss the wonderful friends I've made here at Muhlenberg! Each person is truly amazing and I wish everyone the best of luck in turning hopes and aspirations into realities.

What I'll take with me...
College has opened my eyes to so many new aspects of life. I leave armed with just the right combination of realism and idealism that will allow me to enter the world and promote change.


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