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Alumni awards celebrate longstanding support and dedication

A call for volunteers
50th reunion class gives $3 million

Seeking out the best and brightest
The plate is in the mail...
Important facts about the Muhlenberg Fund

Seeking out the best and brightest

Each year, Muhlenberg's Alumni Admissions Ambassadors help us to attract some of our best and brightest students. Indeed, these alumni volunteers are an essential element of the recruitment process, providing prospective students with their personal insights on the Muhlenberg experience through one-on-one meetings and telephone conversations or by attending a college fair in their local area.

Right now, the AAA program has a solid core of 250 dedicated alumni members, but additional volunteer support is needed to make the program even stronger, especially as the college admissions process grows more competitive each year.

In particular, the AAA program currently needs your support in the following geographic areas:

Connecticut - Fairfield County Rhode Island Massachusetts - especially North of Boston Baltimore, Maryland Delaware Virginia Maine

For more information about the AAA program and how you can become more involved with student recruitment and the admission process, please contact Matthew Hittinger '00 in the Admission Office at 484-664-3202 or mhitting@muhlenberg.edu.

The plate is in the mail...

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has redesigned the state license plate and is in the process of issuing replacements. 'Berg alums who already have a Muhlenberg plate will soon receive a new one in the mail from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Those alumni who do not currently have a Muhlenberg license plate and wish to order one can do so by contacting the alumni office.

Cutting through the confusion:
Important facts about The Muhlenberg Fund

Almost every Muhlenberg graduate has heard of The Muhlenberg Fund, but many may not be certain about what the Fund is, what it does and why it is so important to the College's long-term success and well-being.

As the College's annual giving program, The Muhlenberg Fund provides an indispensable portion of the College's operating budget. You may be surprised to learn that each year the College faces a budget that requires 25 percent of its funds to be derived from sources other than tuition and fees. The Muhlenberg Fund provides the supplementary resources necessary for the College to operate on a daily basis.

In its simplest terms, The Muhlenberg Fund includes all gifts from alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations and the government that are either unrestricted (allocated to the area that most needs the support) or designated toward financial aid. Annual giving programs like The Muhlenberg Fund are also an important barometer of an institution's general strength and can be seen as a vote of confidence from the overall community. We are proud to report that Muhlenberg is currently maintaining a participation rate of 41 percent in The Muhlenberg Fund--a figure that certainly says something about how people rate the high quality, academically rich educational experience that can be found at Muhlenberg College.

Please call (800) 859-2243 for more information about The Muhlenberg Fund, or visit the College Web site at www.muhlenberg.edu/alumni/devel/index.html.


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