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2002 Alumni Achievement Awards - 50 Years of Recognition

Cardinal Key Society elects new members
Alumni College in the Tuscany region of Italy
Your campus connection - The Muhlenberg Fund

'Berg welcomes new members to Athletic Hall of Fame
Alumni Directory: Last Call

Homecoming 2002
Mark your calendars!

Connect with Experience - Alumni-in the-Classroom Week
Delayed Recognition
Nice Catch


Connect with Experience
Alumni-in-the-Classroom Week

Whether you are a grad student, a great success in your industry, or still working your way "up the ladder," you have something to offer the current students of Muhlenberg College. This designated week gives alumni the opportunity to offer their insight and advice to current students as they perform their career search and look forward to life after the 'Berg. This fall's session of the Alumni-in-the-Classroom Week program will be Nov. 4-8, 2002.
To request more information about this program and other Career Network opportunities, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations by phone at 800-464-2374 or by e-mail at bergalum@muhlenberg.edu.
We couldn't have done it without you!
A very special thank you to the alumni listed at right who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this spring's Alumni-in-the-Classroom Week program. It is your enthusiasm and volunteerism that made this event such a great success.
2002 Spring Classroom Participants:
Samir Pandya '98
Val Mahan '62
Ed Bonekemper '64
Fatemi Fariborz '56
Susan Carney '98
Renee Rosenfeld '85
Ben Spinelli '80
Heath Abramsohn '99
Psychology Panelists:
Alden Cass '97
Dr. Nancy (Donofrio) Chiaravalloti '94
Dave Moore '97
English Panelists:
Barbara (Fretz) Crossette '61
Debbie (Charles) Hayes '77
Katherine (Varker) Ibach '94
Jack McCallum '71
Theatre Panelists:
Stephen Hatzai '65
Lisa Johnson '96

Delayed recognition

The College apologizes to the following individuals who were omitted or incorrectly listed in the most recent Report of Gifts and Grants. We thank you for your outstanding support.

Circle of 1848
Dr. Frank R. Boyer '38
Dr. George S. Boyer '37
Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Society:
Dean's Circle
Atty. John W. '71 &
Mrs. Jacqueline L. McConomy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lauer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Morrow P'02
John Adam '70
Nancy Johnson Adams '69
Kimberly A. Maskell '77
Century Club

Deborah Pink Aronson '62
Anita Leone Barrett '62
K. Michael Bidaman '62
Joseph B. Blood, Jr. '62
Judith Wilfinger Bogert '62
William J. Burton '62
Thomas H. Christman '62
Sylvia Mull Christy '62
Thomas L. Davies '62
Leslie E. Erikson '62
Edward M. Gehringer '62
David V. R. Gehris '62
Charles J. Goetz, II '62
Dorothy Dennis Goldman '62
Rebecca Lentz Gorton '62
Theodore R. Gurniak '62
Elaine Hobelman Hagey '62
Verna Wolf MacGeorge '62
Nancy Stauffer MacMillan '62
Janet Wieder McNair '62
Michael G. Merkel '64
Ruth Terry Miller '62
Barbara A. Nace '62
Brenda Hauser Richardson '62
Doris Gangwer Rohr '62
Clifford W. Roth '62
Hugh W. Sanborn '62
Claude E. Shappelle, Jr. '62
Frederick A. Thoms '62
Theodore D. Wachs '62
Gordonfred W. West '62
Peter A. Yurcick '50
Paul C. Zieger '62
Faculty & Staff
Dr. Jeffrey Rudski
Dr. J. Christopher Kovats-Bernat '93


Nice Catch

In the last issue, the article on Joshua Carter stated that he was "the first Muhlenberg athlete to earn first-team [All-Conference] honors in football and baseball in the same year." While this was intended to mean
the Centennial Conference, which Muhlenberg joined in 1994, it was not written that way. Robert D. Major '72 wrote in to point out that Ed DiYanni '72 was first-team All-Conference in the MAC for football in 1971 and baseball in 1972. Thanks for the correction, Robert.





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