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By John B. Rosenberg ’63

Upon completion of my term as president of the Alumni Association, I thought I would review some of the positive changes that have occurred over the past four years.

Most noteworthy has been the return of the Alumni Trust Fund to our Association. This trust, which had been in existence and growing since the early ’60s, had not been directly available to us for many years. Your executive committee was able to gain control over the income generated by this fund, which is about $30,000 per year. The College administration was most helpful in paving the way for use of the annual proceeds from this investment, with former president Arthur Taylor and Interim President Jim Steffy extremely helpful in their interest and support for this change.

The control over the trust fund has allowed us to contribute more significantly to the life of the College. In addition to our 10-year pledge to the “Fields” project for the improvement of athletic facilities, we have been able to support students in their attendance at national leadership conferences and have sponsored guest speakers for our undergraduates on campus. In addition, we have purchased team championship banners, now hanging in Memorial Hall. These were given in memory of Karl Peckmann ’54, who had contributed so much to the College.

Our committees have worked closely with the Office of Career Development and Placement to provide significant career opportunities for our students to explore, both before and after graduation. We continue to provide and expand an employment network for recent graduates.

Our relationship with the Board of Trustees has become much closer. This year, for the first time, a place has been created at trustee meetings for the president of the Alumni Association.

We are becoming more involved in the planning of campus events, such as Homecoming and Reunion, and continue to work closely with the Office of Alumni Relations to sponsor events both on and off campus. There has been explosive growth of regional alumni associations, with major events taking place in cities across the country. In Philadelphia, alumni events occur on a nearly bi-monthly basis; attendance there and elsewhere at College-sponsored events has been unbelievably strong.

Of course, all of the above activities require volunteer help and this is where more of us can help. We have over 16,000 alumni, and while increasing numbers are volunteering services, more are needed and welcome. Whether you wish to serve as an admissions ambassador, a volunteer in the planning of alumni events on campus or in your community, a contributor to the Trust Fund (only a one-time contribution of $150) or a member of the Alumni Council (six new members are elected annually to serve a four-year term), you are encouraged to get involved. And this is one of the challenges for the coming years…to keep the momentum going.

All is well at the College and with the Alumni Association. The coming year will see Dr. Bob Foster ’71 starting his term as president of the Alumni Association. His contributions, along with those of Tammy Bormann ’83, Walt Staehle ’76, Ken Ryder ’79 and Suzanne Meixsell ’91, all members of the executive committee during my tenure, have been significant and very much appreciated.

Most of all, let us welcome and look forward to a new beginning at the College under the leadership of Dr. Randy Helm. I encourage each of you to meet and extend a warm welcome to our new president. We are most fortunate to have such a dedicated and uniquely qualified individual.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the College through the Alumni Association. It has been an extremely rewarding experience.


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