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| ’81 | Lena Barnett of Lena Barnett & Associates, L.L.C., served as a reviewer for the recently released second edition of “The American Bar Association Guide to Wills & Estates” (Random House Reference, 2004). The book is designed to address the public’s need for information about an important, confusing and changing area of the law. A practicing attorney for more than 16 years, Lena is a Fellow of the Esperti Peterson Institute for Global Wealth Strategies Planning and a Contributing Fellow of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Dr. Peter B. Wood received his Ph.D. in sociology from Vanderbilt University in 1988 and is married to Dr. Anne L. Balazs. They have three children, Margaret, 5, and twins Sophie and Andrew, 2, all born in West Point, Miss. Peter was a faculty member at the University of Oklahoma until 1996, when he moved to Mississippi, and is now a tenured professor in sociology and directs the criminal justice program at Mississippi State University. He is currently president of the United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society, and president-elect of the Southern Criminal Justice Association. He is also a Research Fellow at the MSU Social Science Research Center, and a Research Associate at the MSU Center for Computer Security Research. Despite all those fancy titles, Peter wants his old ’Berg buddies to know that he remains a hedonist at heart, and enjoys any opportunity to maximize pleasure and minimize pain – preferably while golfing, skiing, scuba-diving, or traveling. He also claims to hold the World Sabbatical Diaper-Changing Record. He is in somewhat regular contact with Dr. Allan F. deGuzman ’80, and somewhat sporadic contact with his old roomie, Dr. Ross Slemmer, Miriam Carson, and one or two other ’Berg “refugees.” “If any of y’all have plans to come through Mississippi, drop us a line,” Peter says. Finally, Peter wants to express belated appreciation to former Muhlenberg sociology professor Dr. Frank McVeigh, who sparked his interest in sociology and a career in academia. “I didn’t know you could make money by studying criminals and deviants,” he says.

| ’82 | David Kirschenbaum, M.D., and his wife, Debra Loeb, M.D., recently moved into a new home in East Brunswick, N.J., with their three children, Lindsey, Jared and Zachary. David works in an orthopaedic practice with two other partners, and Debra is a part-time radiologist with Freehold Radiology. A founding member of the Burlington Township Foundation of Education, Jan (Arnold) Turcich is a registered adult Girl Scout and a den leader for the Pack 10 Cub Scouts. For nine years she has been an American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart coordinator. In addition, she is a proofreader for a court reporter and works as a substitute teacher and a tutor. She and her husband, Joseph, have four children. The family lives in Burlington, N.J.

| ’83 | Jonathan Friedman sends this news: “Won the International Barbershop Singing Championship, July 6, 2002, in Portland, Ore. Twenty-five years of singing, and finally, the gold medal!”

| ’84 | Josh ’03 and Natasha (Stephenson) Guttman live in Allentown, where Natasha is self-employed giving piano lessons and teaching French. Josh commutes to New York City, where he works for Time, Inc. They have three children, 14-year-old Alex, 11-year-old Gabby and 9-year-old Danielle.

| ’86 | Arthur J. Dichter has joined Berkowitz Dick Pollack & Brant as an international tax manager. Art lives in Pembroke Pines, Fla., with his wife, Audrey, and two daughters, 3-year-old Sydni and 1-year-old Fiby. Deb (Mager) and Mark Rickner live in Monkton, Vt., with their three children, Hannah, 11, Julia, 8 and Eli, 4. Deb teaches elementary school art in Bristol, Vt., and completed her master’s in education at St. Michael’s College in 1998. Mark markets network engineering for SymQuest Group, based in South Burlington, Vt.

| ’89 | Robert S. Belitz has been named vice president of environmental engineering and consulting firm Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Since joining the firm in 2000, Robert has served as controller, with overall responsibility for the accounting and finance functions. In his role as vice president, he will continue to serve as controller, with additional emphasis on supporting the firm’s strategic initiatives and expanded reporting requirements. Reed DuBow married Nelson Jimenez on January 3, 2004, in Butler, N.J. The couple resides one town over in Bloomingdale. Reed is the controller for Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic testing equipment, in Parsippany, N.J. Cathy Guinan has joined Microsoft Corporation as the sustaining engineering program manager for Windows Digital Media, overseeing security and feature improvement for Microsoft’s Digital Media Division. She currently resides in Seattle, Wash.

| ’90 | Alan M. Mackenzie sends this news: “I have been living in Japan for over 13 years now. Don’t get to use my Spanish very often – sorry, Dr. Marx! - but my Japanese is excellent! I was an English teacher for the first two years or so. That was very rewarding and helped me to appreciate all the work that goes into the teaching profession. I worked for a small company here as a general manager in the import and wholesale department for about two years. After that I started my own company, about nine years back, doing import/export and wholesale in Japan. ’Berg education has helped a lot. I was one of the first few to study the international studies major, focusing on international business and economics (now called global trade, international business). Thank you, Dr. Herrick and Dr. Slane.” Alan plans to relocate back to the U.S. within the next few years to oversee the launch of his company’s U.S. operations, while maintaining Japanese offices and a factory in India.

| ’91 | Karl Bernat, M.D., was married to Jennifer Rozinak in August 2003. Karl is an internal medicine physician working outside of Pittsburgh, and Jennifer is a pharmaceutical sales representative for Pfizer.

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