Dan Sehn is a member of the most recent graduating class, the Class of 2004. He is also one of the many students that appreciated the financial support provided by the alumni body. If it weren’t for this support, Dan would not have been able to join his classmates and friends on what was the most memorable day of his life.

“The only thing I can say to alumni who do not financially support the College is ’Why not?’ I only made it through my four years here because of this support. If it weren’t for the alumni that give to financial aid and help keep the school up to date, I would not be graduating.”

Dan understands the impact a single gift can make, which is why he started supporting the Muhlenberg Fund while only a sophomore. He hopes that his support will help another prospective student fulfill his or her dream of graduating from Muhlenberg.

“As a student, I realize that I may have missed out on some typical social activities by donating some of my money to The Muhlenberg Fund, but that is okay; I want another future student to be able to experience all the good things I have at Muhlenberg,” he says.

Dan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. As a student, he served on the Muhlenberg Activities Council, was the Community Service Chair for Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, an Honorary Representative for Student Council, Co-Chair of the Marketing Committee for the Scotty Wood tournament, Student Supervisor for the Phonathon program, and a Head Resident for two separate residences.

As is evident, Muhlenberg has provided a lot to Dan, but he has also given a lot back to the College. If it weren’t for alumni support, the things Dan brought to the College would have never been. Please continue to provide future students the same quality educational experience and opportunities as Dan. We will never know how bright the future can be if they are never given the chance!

Support The Muhlenberg Fund today – Pass it on!


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