Reflections from a Cardinal Key

By Brendan Haney ’06

As I reflect on my first year as a Cardinal Key, I have a true sense of what the society is all about. We often define the society as the Alumni Relations Society on campus, which is true, but beyond that we are so much more. I believe that the society has introduced me to some of the best students at Muhlenberg today. These are the students who helped me realize what a Muhlenberg student is supposed to be. They showed leadership, compassion and, a lot of the time, a sense of humor. These students also taught me the value of the Cardinal Key Society, because as the senior members graduated this spring I felt a need to make them feel connected to Muhlenberg, to make them want to come back. Perhaps seeing old friends is a selfish goal for the Cardinal Key Society, but if we expand that goal in order to connect every old friend Muhlenberg has, then we are a true success.

As a Cardinal Key member, I have met some extraordinary people who attended Muhlenberg. I have also learned more about the school’s history than most students do. This new knowledge of people and events that are connected by the red doors is what makes Muhlenberg even more wonderful for me. To know that my school has a rich tradition of success, innovation and family confirms for me that I belong here. As the president of this society, one of my goals is to spread that feeling to every student coming through our campus. If every student knew what I know about this school – or had a fraction of the same wonderful experiences – I know that they would feel an instant bond to this school. That bond is unbreakable.

A special reunion for all past Cardinal Key Society members will be held during Homecoming Weekend, October 2, at the Cardinal Key House. Watch your mail for more details. If you were a Cardinal Key and would like to help with the reunion gathering or share your CKS memories, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at


The Cardinal Key Tradition Continues

On April 7, 2004, 21 new members were inducted into the Cardinal Key Society in a ceremony officiated by President Helm. New members were filled with excitement and anticipation as they received their membership certificate and pins. These members were selected from over 50 of their peers based on their desire to serve the Muhlenberg community. They look forward to interacting with you at future events.

Pictured are (From top left to right): Julie Snyder ’04, Mike Engels ’06, Brian Barkauskas ’04, Brendan Haney ’06, Andrew Kalish ’06, Drew Bagby ’04, Mike Hogentogler ’04, Brian Campfield ’06, Jeffrey Williams ’06, Mike Russo ’06, Lisa Kowalski ’06, Russell Horowitz ’05, Jared Lander ’04, Justin Deutsch ’04, Kevin Brydzinski ’06, Beth Golini ’06, Tara DeMarzo ’06, Lauren Whitehead ’07, Allison Huth ’07, Tracie Konopinski ’05, Kristie Byorek ’04, Maura Lynch ’06, Stephanie Coluccini ’06, Keiko Yoshida ’06, Dee Ross ’06, Rachel Schein ’06, Lauren Cohen ’05, Danielle DeLucia ’04, Alicia Luke ’04, Sarah Efronson ’07, Allison Colino ’06, Sonya Hunsicker ’06, Lori Giesberg ’06, Liliana Andreano ’06, Anne Marie Leiser ’06, Julie Strasser ’06, Nicole Washburn ’07, Valerie Eckman ’04, Matt Pitetti ’06, Matt Menard ’04, Scott Overland ’06, Julie Goldberg ’04, Dana Schwarzwalder ’04, Mike O’Rourke ’05, Kevin Conrad ’06, Mike Geller ’04, Robyn Duda ’04, Chris Wilson ’05

The Last Word

Lauren Greber Shanahan ’87 DIRECTOR

Traci Luckenbill-Falco ’92 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

Reflections from a Cardinal Key
The Cardinal Key Tradition Continues
Alumni Association Making a Difference
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