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Reflections from
a Cardinal Key


All I ever really wanted to do was teach. I remember playing school for hours as a child. From being a camp counselor to a classroom aide, I took every opportunity to work with children. Coming from a family of educators, I knew what a career in education entailed and I decided it was the perfect fit for me.

This past fall, by fulfilling my student teaching requirement, I completed the elementary education certification program at Muhlenberg. I had spent several hours in the classroom as part of my fieldwork requirements, but I was still a bit anxious to start the semester. It was hard to make the transition from being a college-student, with two classes a day to being a student teacher with a class of 25 students every day!

While my friends were enjoying typical college life, I was working a full day. I would go to school just a few hours after my roommates had gone to sleep. I became a frequent visitor of the local pharmacy as I bought cold medicines, tissues and cough drops to ward off the germs my students so willingly shared.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with two cooperating teachers from different school districts in the Lehigh Valley community. My experience was both educational and rewarding. As I sit in my college classes this semester, I often think of the students who welcomed me into their classroom last semester and I miss seeing them everyday.

Alumni News is written and/or compiled
by the Alumni Relations Office.

Lauren Greber Shanahan ‘87

Jennifer McKee ‘02

You can contact the Alumni Office at
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Allentown, PA 18104
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Now, instead of writing daily lesson plans, I am focusing on writing job applications. As a member of the Cardinal Key Society, I have had several opportunities to meet and talk with Muhlenberg alumni about teaching. They have passed on valuable words of wisdom and are always willing to share their Muhlenberg experiences. I enjoy hearing about their tales and comparing them to my own. Their advice has been very helpful. The alumni I have spoken with about education have been very willing to answer all of my questions. I am very grateful that so many Muhlenberg alumni are willing to lend a helping hand to current Muhlenberg students. As a member of the Cardinal Key Society, I am proud to be a part of a community that is dedicated to helping its alumni.

Note: The Cardinal Key Society consists of a network of student volunteers whose purpose is to support the programs of the Office of Alumni Relations and foster relations with Muhlenberg graduates. They serve as liaisons between current students and the greater alumni body.






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