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You oughta be in pictures... (continued)

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Many thanks to you...

A letter from the
Alumni Association

Dear Alumni,

Did you know that all former students of Muhlenberg College are members of a special group called the Alumni Association? There are no annual dues to pay, or forms to fill out to be a member of this group. We are a group held together by a common cardinal and grey thread called Muhlenberg College. With more than 16,000 members, the Alumni Association serves as historian, representing Muhlenberg’s past, and we’re also charged with ensuring the future of our alma mater. It’s a pretty awesome responsibility – and since we’re alumni for the rest of our lives, it’s a charge we should take seriously.

So who leads this group called the Alumni Association? The Alumni Executive Council. Elected representatives to the Alumni Executive Council work hard to introduce students to the Association through involvement in the admission ambassadors programs, career development programs and undergraduate merit awards. We seek opportunities to honor alumni through achievement awards and hall of fame inductions. We work closely with the Office of Alumni Relations to find ways to engage you in the life of your alma mater.

Today, we invite you to get to know your Alumni Executive Council leaders. Contact information for every member of the Alumni Executive Council is available online through the alumni website at www.muhlenberg.edu. We hope that you’ll seek out representatives and let us know how we can best represent you. We also invite you to become involved with the Alumni Association, by sharing your time, talent or treasure. There is no time like the present to get involved with Muhlenberg.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Members of the Alumni Executive Council

Many thanks to you….
Many thanks to the members of the 2002-2003
Alumni Executive Council. Your commitment to Muhlenberg
and the Alumni Association is sincerely appreciated.




John B. Rosenberg ’63, President
Robert M. Foster ’71, Vice President
Tammy Bormann ’83, Treasurer/Secretary
Walter O. Staehle ’76, Member at Large



Beth Adderly ’92
Samuel Agris ’97
Lisa Ansorge ’00
Richard F. Brueckner ’71
Carl D. Buchholz, III ’67
Robert Buzzard ’62
Irv Chasen ’61
Ed Davis ’60
Sheri Bryce Dye ’92
Susan Ettleman Eisenhauer ’77
Lisa Farbstein ’82
Rudy Favocci ’79
Randy Finelli ’74
Stephen Hammond ’73
Jeffrey Koehler ’79
Louis R. Lessig ’93
Susanne (Hobbis) Meixsell ’91
Dennis Nemes ’70
David J. Nowack ’67
Tambria (Johnson)
O’Shaughnessy ’82
Carl S. Oplinger ’58
Joyce L. (Conner) Riche ’80
Jill Robinson ’84
Elizabeth Bratina Rosato ’86
Arthur Thurm ’73
Cuong B. Tran ’91


Ted Argeson ’51
Jean Dacy ’74
Ed Davis ’60
Lona Farr ’62
James Hemstreet ’44
Donald Hoffman ’32
Marilyn Marles ’75
David J. Nowack ’67
Frank Reisner ’40
Bruce Romig ’46
Walter Zieger ’50



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