Do you know the value
      of a dollar?

Just ask Dave Klimik, a freshman at Muhlenberg who knows firsthand the value of every dollar given to the Muhlenberg Fund.

“Without the generous financial aid given at Muhlenberg, I would not be able to afford college. Donations not only help the school as a whole, but they are greatly appreciated by students like me who have to pay for a good portion of school by themselves,” says Dave.

Not only does Dave appreciate the help he is given, but he also wants to help other students receive similar assistance. As the treasurer for his class, Dave has the responsibility for all fundraising and fund allocation.

As a member of the Student Council Finance Committee, Dave is also involved with distributing funds to all student clubs and organizations on campus. It would seem natural then, that Dave is also involved with raising funds. Dave is a successful phonathon caller and uses this opportunity to speak with alumni and parents and share with them the impact their support has had on him, as well as the College. Dave knows the value of a dollar; he knows that every dollar
he helps raise and allocate means a great deal to students on campus.

Gifts to the Muhlenberg Fund help students like Dave attend Muhlenberg and receive a quality education. Gifts also support things such as equipment upgrades and purchases, academic and athletic programming, day-to-day operational expenses, as well as financial aid awards.

Each dollar given to the Muhlenberg Fund carries a greater significance than most people would ever imagine.

“Muhlenberg is a great college that offers a lot of opportunities to its students. Without the contributions given by alumni, such opportunities would not exist,” states Dave.

After graduating from Muhlenberg, Dave sees himself settling down with a successful career and raising a family. He plans to support the Muhlenberg Fund because he knows how important every single dollar given to the Fund was for him.

Dave knows the value of a dollar, and 2,200 other students hope you do too. Support the Muhlenberg Fund today!
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