The Cardinal Key Society Welcomes 20 New Members…

On April 5, 2005, 20 new members were inducted into the Cardinal Key Society. Founded in 1940, the Society’s mission was to serve Muhlenberg College and extend goodwill to visitors. Today, the goals and objectives of the new Cardinal Key Society are to serve the Office of Alumni Relations, inform alumni of events and changes that take place on campus, and develop current students as future dedicated alumni. Now 50 members strong, the Keys look forward to speaking with you at future events.

…and Bids Farewell to Eight Super Seniors!

Nearly four years ago, these students began their life at the ‘Berg, filled with hope, anticipation and the eagerness to succeed and make the most of their four years at Muhlenberg. On May 22, 2005, as each begins a new chapter in life, these individuals leave behind a mark, an impression of what it means to be a proud member of the Muhlenberg community. Allison Auclair, Lauren Cohen, Laura Friant, Andrea Johnson, Tracie Konopinski, Mike O’Rourke, Diana Robillard and Cynthia Van Wert: thank you for your years of service to the Cardinal Key Society, Muhlenberg College, its faculty, staff, community and alumni, and best wishes for a successful future beyond the Red Doors. You will be deeply missed!

Society Members

LiliAna Anreano ’06, Emily Aquila ’07, Allison Auclair ’05, Jason Bonder ’07, Kevin Brydzinski ’06, Ryan Campbell ’08, Brian Campfield ’06, Ryan Chapoteau ’08, Lauren Cohen ’05, Allison Colino ’06, Stephanie Coluccini ’06, Kevin Conrad ’06, Jessica Cortapasso ’07, Tara DeMarzo ’06, Sarah Efronson ’07, Laura Friant ’05, Matthew Friedman ’07, Lori Giesberg ’06, Jaclyn Gober ’08, Elizabeth Golini ’06, Scott Gordon ’08, Chandra Gossai ’08, Brendan Haney ’06, Allison Huth ’07, John Jannuzzi ’07, Andrea Johnson ’05, Andrew Kalish ’06, Tracie Konopinski ’05, Lisa Kowalski ’06, Anne-Marie Leiser ’06, Greg Lichtman ’07, Maura Lynch ’06, Sonya Martinez-Hunsicker ’06, Cara Matern ’08, Jennifer McDougall ’08, Blaine McFeeley ’08, Rosalind Newsholme ’08, Katherine Nicol ’08, Drew Nishiyama ’06, Mike O’Rourke ’05, Scott Overland ’06, Matthew Pitetti ’06, Nicole Rhoads ’08, Diana Robillard ‘05, Dee Ross ’06, Mike Russo ’06, Rachel Schein ’06, Lindsay Scott ’07, Kelly Shetron ’08, Matthew Spiegel ’07, Julie Strasser ’06, Rieko Takahashi ’07, Matthew Tick ’06, Nicole Washburn ’07, Cynthia Van Wert ’05, Lauren Whitehead ’07, Jeffrey Williams ‘06, Keiko Yoshida ‘06

(*Those whose names are italicized are the newest members of the Cardinal Key Society. Congratulations!)

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The Cardinal Key Society Welcomes 20 New Members...
...and Bids Farewell to Eight Super Seniors!


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