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Marie Petruzzelli ’02 and Sergio Masvidal ’02
| ’02 |Julie (Goldberg) Dorfman writes, “Aaron Dorfman ’00 and I were married on May 23, 2004 at the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue. We honeymooned in Hawaii and bought out first house in Philadelphia.” Julie was recently promoted to clinical nutrition manager at the Renfrew Center, an in-patient eating disorders center in Philadelphia. Aaron is a resident in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Rachelle (Sweitzer) Gehr writes, “After a busy year in 2004, things are starting to slow to a reasonable pace. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in June 2004 with a master’s degree in genetic counseling. I am currently employed as a prenatal genetic counselor in maternal fetal medicine at the Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster, Pa. One month after starting my new job, Andy Gehr and I were married on July 10, 2004. I’m still getting used to being called Rachelle Gehr! We currently reside in Waynesboro, Pa.” Kimberly Jaykus is happy to announce her engagement to Richard Roderick Seymour of Elizabeth, N.J. Richard is an engineer for Carson Helicopters in Perkasie, Pa. They are presently building a home in New Mahoning, Pa., and have not yet set a date for the wedding, but are very excited! Matthew Jones is pursuing a master of arts in urban and environmental policy and planning at Tufts University. Melissa Morrow has been hired as an account executive at Euro RSCG Life in Chelsea, where she is working on Tequin, a antibiotic for their client, Bristol-Myers Squibb. She was recently accepted to Fordham University’s graduate school and will be pursuing a master’s in human resource management. Marie Petruzzelli and Sergio Masvidal were married on November 27, 2004 in Staten Island, N.Y. Vin Petty is currently a student at Stetson Law in St. Petersburg, Fla. Just four months shy of becoming a lawyer, he is excited for an upcoming move to Charlotte, N.C. Recently promoted to director of legal services for The Glenmont Group, Josh Sacks has authored an article for the New Jersey Law Journal titled “Cultivating Your Firm’s Technology.” He has addressed litigation support professional groups nationwide on the same topic. He is a resident of Montclair, N.J.

Alumni in attendance at the wedding of Rachelle (Sweitzer) Gehr ’02 were: Tiffany Reed ’02, Rachelle (Sweitzer) Gehr, Catherine Wilde ’02, Jen Reif ’02, Lauren Simermeyer ‘02 and Lori Boyce ’02

Alumni in attendance at the wedding of Julie Goldberg ‘02 and Aaron Dorfman ’00 were:
Back row: Kevin Cresko ’00, David Boelker ’99, Keith Lynch ’00 and Maureen Reardon
Middle Row: Benjamin DiLorenzo ’99, Erin (Kristel) Cresko ’00, Erin Burke ’00, Kristen DiLorenzo ’02, Elias Saratovsky ’02 and Adam Evans ’01
Front Row: Steven Dimirsky ’01, Lisa Ansorge ’00, Stacy Devries ’02, Julie (Goldberg) Dorfman, Aaron Dorfman, Christina Coviello ’02, Evan Ratnow ’00, Drew Bitterman ’00 and John Feltman

| ’03 |Laura Jacobus and Richard Hafner became engaged on February 11, 2005. The couple is planning a wedding for June 2006. Frances Zarrella recently got promoted to an associate after being with Morgan Stanley for 18 months. She just moved into an apartment in New York City.

| ’04 |Jessica Freund became engaged to John Wolff on February 10, 2005. Heather Dewar and Rich Kipp were married in the Egner Memorial Chapel on June 12, 2004. Rich’s brother, Ryan ’06, was best man. Heather is a 2004 graduate of Kutztown University. Daniel Sehn was promoted to a collections 30-day account manager with MBNA America. Allyson Turk completed her master’s degree in elementary education and works full time as an elementary school teacher. She also works as an aquatics programming director in Chalfont, Pa., where she designs, oversees and evaluates swimming instruction for children between the ages of 2 and 14 years old.

Alumni and staff in attendance at the wedding of Heather Dewar and Rich Kipp ’04
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