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Students take “alternative”
spring break trips

While many students plan trips to warm and exotic locations for Spring Break, three groups at Muhlenberg College spent the March recess period on trips focused on community service and outreach. Instead of scheduling vacations, students planned a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico, an AIDS awareness trip to New York City and a trip to Harrisburg, Pa., in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity.

The mission trip to Juarez, Mexico, was sponsored by Touch the World Ministries. Organized by Lauren Reifsnyder ’05, and led by alumna Andrea Klingen ’04, who is employed by Touch the World Ministries, members of the College’s student-led Christian group SEVEN spent a week in this small community of approximately 100 families to help construct a school on a former garbage dumpsite. In addition to aiding in construction, the group also spent time interacting with the children for whom they built the school.

According to Reifsnyder, “What I saw in our presence in Juarez (was): love in the midst of evil; light in the midst of darkness; laughter in the midst of tears; food in the midst of hunger; joy in the midst of sorrow; unity in the midst of separation; hugs in the midst of neglect.”

The College’s Office of Religious Life took 11 students to New York City from March 6-10, to serve with different agencies, including AIDS Housing Network, Lifebeat and Bailey House.

This trip, led by Christine Davies ’05, was designed to give students a first-hand experience of the magnitude of the AIDS epidemic and to showcase what is being done for support and prevention by non-profit organizations. Chandra Gossai ’08 said that she “learned a lot on this trip and just meeting with HIV-positive patients has helped me get a new perspective on life.”

Alyssa M. Rabenold ’02, assistant director of admission, arranged for eight Muhlenberg students to travel to Harrisburg, Pa., to help build homes through Habitat for Humanity.

Theresa Speziale ’05, a student who went on the Habitat trip, said, “It was great to be part of the project from beginning till end. Leaving the homeowner with a finished home at the end of the week was an incredible feeling. I loved using my spring break to help someone else; I can’t think of anything I would have rather done.”


Left: Students on the Habitat trip to Harrisburg are:
Back row: Ryan Kavalsky '05 and Matt Roessler '08
Middle row: Samantha Greenberg '08, Theresa Speziale '05, Stacey Gutman '05, Alexandra Kushner '05, Anna Petrie '08
Front row: Theresa (Terry) Markus '06

Right: On their way to New York for the AIDS Awareness trip are:
Front row: Emily Schweighardt ’07, Brittani Gagnon ’05, Diana Robillard ’05
Back row: Sara Schoenleber ’07, Liz McNierney ’0., Emily Hanlen ’08,
Kate Conrad ’08, Chandra Gossai ’08, Rachel Grineko ’08

Above: Members of SEVEN with the children of Juarez, Mexico are:
Back row: Peggy Tacchino ’05, Casey Pfeifer ’07, Alex Joujan ’05, Lauren Reifsnyder ’05, Jeremy Hagan ’07, Rosalind Newsholme ’07, Matthew Lundy ’05, Damara Gonzales ’08, Melissa Haupt ’05, Ray Pierre ’06
Front row: Danielle Scala ’08, Amy Appleton ’08, Bettina Bergman ’06, Michelle Colandrea ’08, Andrea Klingen ’04, Amy Lytle ’06


Faculty Members Awarded Tenure

The Board of Trustees approved tenure awards to the following faculty members at their meeting on January 29, 2005:

Barri Gold, Ph.D., associate professor of English
Luba Iskold, Ed.D., associate professor of Russian
Tammy Lewis, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology/anthropology
Linda McGuire, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematical sciences
James Peck, Ph.D., associate professor of theatre arts
Susan Schwartz, Ph.D., associate professor of religion
Mark Sciutto, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology

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