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The Class of 2004 joins the Muhlenberg family
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The Class of 2004 joins the Muhlenberg family

ROW ONE (L TO R): Scott Silver (Elliot Silver '02); Kristin Mansmann (T.J. Mansmann '03); Cheryl Wortzel (Jay Wortzel '76); Rick Triano (Erica Triano '02); Allison Cohen (Gail Skead-Cohen '74); Jenna Uhrich (Randy Uhrich '71).

ROW TWO (L TO R): Lisa Cavicchioli (Christine Cavicchioli '01); Mike Saratovsky (Elias Saratovsky '02); Lisa Barski (James Barski '01 and Monica Barski '03); Julie Shaw (Renee Shaw '01); Stacy Moore (Melissa Moore '00).

ROW THREE (L TO R): Jennifer Rigg (Chris Rigg '99); Stephen Chen (Joy Chen '02); Beth Murphy (Christine Murphy '00); Thomas Peri (Paul Peri '98).

ROW FOUR (L TO R): Mackenzie Parke (Cameron Parke '03); Kristie Orlando (Nicole Orlando '02); Bryan Zillitto (Scott Zillitto '97); Becki Toth (Susan (DeRose) Toth '72 and Rich Toth '72); Brendan Barrett (Bryan Barrett '02); Lindsay Capobianco (Anthony Capobianco '68); Becky Richmond (Katherine Richmond '00); David Greenfield (Carrie Carmichael '66).

ROW FIVE (L TO R): Pino D'Orazio (Giovanna D'Orazio '01); Tom Clarke (Sarah Clarke '99); Justin Henning (Jonathan Henning '78); Meghan Breinig (Alfred Breinig '35; Alfred Breinig Jr. '62 and Barbara Breinig'72); Kenny Ryan (Liz Ryan '00; Julie Ryan '00; Walter Weller '44); Scott Bowen (John Bowen '72); Chris Staehle (Walter Staehle '76 and Loran Duemmel Staehle '75); Jarrod Aldinger (Scott Aldinger '78).

STUDENTS NOT PICTURED: Amy Averell, Christina Coons, Diana Garretto, Robert Gover, Jonathan Kreider, Anthony Kuzviwanza, Matthew Light, Andrew Lutzer, David Maffei, Christopher McBride, Laura Meyerson and Sean Whittaker

First-year picnics welcome students

Every summer, first-year students are welcomed into the Muhlenberg community before classes begin as alumni or parents host the traditional first-year picnics. This past summer, 160 attended picnics in seven regions.

This year's hosts included: Tammy Bormann '83 and Mark Paris '80, who welcomed students in the Central New Jersey area; Hans '55 and Marianna Peckmann, who hosted their 26th annual picnic for students in the Philadelphia/ Delaware Valley area; Perry and Janis Silver, parents of Elliot '02 and Scott '04, who met several students in New Hampshire; Ed '59 and Barbara Meyer, who held an ice cream social in northern New Jersey; Rebecca (Mason) '83 and Rob Simmons, who hosted their first gathering for students in the Washington D.C. area; Ed '60 and Anne Davis, who greeted students at the annual Lehigh Valley gathering; and Jack '70 and Diane (Schmidt) '70 Ladley, who entertained students from Bucks County, Pa.

If you would like to become part of an increasingly popular Muhlenberg tradition by hosting a first-year student picnic, please contact the Alumni Office.

Above:   Picnic hosted by Hans Peckmann '55 for DelVal/Philly first-year students.

Below:   Picnic hosted by Tammy Bormann '83 and Mark Paris '80 for Central New Jersey first-year students.


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