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'77Jeff Dobro sends this message following the tragic events of September 11: "Candace (DeSouza) '79 and I are fine after the WTC attack. I was starting my rheumatology clinic at NYU when the attacks occured. The entire medical staff was mobilized into a hospital-wide triage and emergency department. The most depressing moment I can remember in a long time was 1:30 p.m. that day when we realized that we had not seen many patients because very few survived. Luckily, no one I knew personally was killed and many escaped. Best wishes to all my college friends with whom I haven't spoken in a long time. I hope you're all well and safe." Andrew C. Feldman, D.O., of Deland, Fla., has been elected chief of the department of medicine of Florida Hospital in Deland. Andrew, who graduated from the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona, Calif., in 1982, has been in private practice in Deland for the past 10 years. He and his wife Cindi are the parents of four children. Cindi, a certified midwife, has her own clinic in Deland.

'78Richard A. and Hilary A. (Ennis) Deighan have relocated back to the Reading, Pa. area. Richard is a network specialist for GRACO Children's Products in Elverson, Pa. Hilary is employed part-time at the Wilson School District in addition to having her own decorative painting business. She is also a juried member and the program director for the Reading Berks Guild of Craftsmen. Richard and Hilary have three boys - Mike, 14; Joe, 12; and David, 5.

t h e   e i g h t i e s  

'81Margaret "Peggy Sue" (Kairis) Gay sends the following update: "I am alive and well and living in Houston with my husband Randy, sons Randy Jr., age 12, and Christopher, age 6, and Rascal, the 95-pound golden retriever lap dog." Mary Drummond Lamb sends news of a recent mini-reunion with several of her Muhlenberg classmates. "We get together twice a year, every year, and always have a wonderful visit," she writes. See picture below.
Photo of several members of the class of '81
A mini-reunion with several members of the Muhlenberg class of '81. Pictured from left to right are: Tami Wellen Sherry, Mary Drummond Lamb, Barb Pezza Brown, Terri Stough Wecht '82, Miriam O'Berne Carson and Barb Canter Ports..
'83Medical illustrator Ethan Geehr owns Medical Graphic Services, a New Jersey firm that specializes in medical art for surgical atlases, journals, textbooks, advertisements and courtroom exhibits. "I just completed illustrations for a full-color surgical atlas on microvascular tissue transplantation for head and neck reconstruction following cancer surgery," he writes. "It will be published next year by Mosby-Saunders. The author is the head of head and neck surgery at Hahnemann University Medical School in Philadelphia." Ethan lives in Moorestown, N.J., with his wife Shelley (Wilks). Melanie R. (Mika) Mason sends the following news: "Ten members of the Class of 1983 convened for a collective 40th birthday celebration weekend at Bethany Beach, Del. No husbands, no children, just the girls who all turn 40 this year (2001)! We try to meet for an annual barbecue in the summer with families, but this year was special!!"
Photo of members of class of '83
Members of the Class of '83 celebrated their 40th birthdays at the beach. Standing left to right: Cindy Rein Matyus, Judy Dunn Horan, Beth Brody Erman and Joyce Geller Afran. Seated left to right: Nancy Treihart Cesta, Chris Tatarian Parseghian, Lori Pagliarulo Rahn, Maria Cirone Scott, Marisa Farinella Webb and Melanie Mika Mason
Harris Silver sends the following update: "I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in November 2001 to head up the ENT department at Presbyterian Hospital and Multispecialty Medical Group. I need to get out of this heat. I have been married for over five years to a Navajo woman (Pamela). I met her while working for the Indian Health Service in Phoenix, Ariz. No children yet, just our dog Max."

'84Periodontist Jonathan Greenberg writes in to say that he is enjoying life in Dix Hills, N.Y., with wife Laura, son Max, age 8, and daughter Rachel, age 6. Louanne (Wirth) Rozek is working for McGraw-Hill Companies in Washington, D.C., as an associate editor in the Aviation Week division where she helps to publish the bi-annual World Aviation Directory and the Two-Year Conference & Show Planner. She writes, "After three years of moving from job to job, I have found my niche here in Washington, D.C. It involves both the travel world, airplanes and database management." George Schroeder reports that he and wife Jill moved back to Virginia from Germany in 1999 and that they now have two children, Julie and Claire.

'85Steve Labkoff, M.D., completed a post-doctoral fellowship in medical informatics in 1996 at Harvard Medical School. He is currently the director of business technology for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in New York. He also recently celebrated the first birthday of his son, Joshua, and the fourth birthday of his daughter, Nicole. His wife, Tracey Ryan Labkoff, also recently received her Ph.D. in education psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

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