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It's why she's here...

Senior Kimberly J. Jaykus knows a lot about the Muhlenberg Fund. A work-study student in the College's Financial Aid office, Kim has seen firsthand the number of students impacted by the generosity of the alumni, parents and friends who offer their financial support to the College each year.

Photo of Limberly J. Jaykus And Kim, a psychology major who hopes to ultimately earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, has an even deeper appreciation of the Muhlenberg Fund, because without it she wouldn't have been able to call the Muhlenberg Campus home for the last four years.

A mix of scholarship funds, as student loan, a Muhlenberg College grant and work study have helped Kim to enjoy a rich four years at the 'Berg, which have included working as a peer tutor and an internship in an adolescent psychiatric unit at an area hospital.

With an older sibling already attending another institution, Kim says that cost had to be a factor in her college selection process. "Without financial support, I definitely couldn't have come to Muhlenberg," Kim says, "It was my financial aid package that really closed the deal for us. The College was very generous."


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