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Director of The Martin Art Gallery

old and new–



While new acquisitions and newly fostered relationships with museum colleagues are important to the Martin Art Gallery, our most important group of new “friends” is not our works of art or those who curate shows, but rather, our students. Of course, we make it a practice to accommodate students with hours of operation that suit college students’ schedules. Also, the gallery is regularly made available as a museum/classroom for faculty and students from all disciplines and our collections are also used in the classroom with frequency.

While we serve many groups from the private to the public, one of the most important groups associated with the Martin Art Gallery is its new group of gallery assistants and interns. These student workers are an important part of the gallery’s operations and they have brought a fresh approach to the Martin’s mission, exhibitions and events. My staff of 20 student gallery assistants help with exhibition design, campus relations, lighting design, art security, exhibition information, catalogue design, publicity and collections management. Bringing their own individual talents to the Martin with majors in English, accounting, theatre, psychology, business, anthropology, chemistry, pre-med and studio art, this group of student gallery assistants is vital to the success of the Martin.

Like our ever-growing art collection, our gallery assistants make a big impact on the Martin and work to make the gallery their own with insightful suggestions and bubbling enthusiasm. I am proud to introduce this year’s assistants and I am grateful for the contributions of the newest members of the Martin Art Gallery staff: Jessica Ball, Jenna Belisonzi, Lauren Bockow, Rachel Courtney, Lisa DeCotiis, Stacie Feldman, Shannon Frost, Elizabeth Kennedy, Kipp Lanham, Jared Lopatin, Kiernan Malroney, Laura Meyerson, Nick Otranto, Emily Scanlon, Jennifer Taylor, Keith Van Fleet, Alana Wellington, Zoe Whiting and Matt Wolfsen.

Guest curator Jennifer Olson-Rudenko speaks to a group of art patrons in the Martin Art Gallery at the reception for “Women Artists: Past & Present.”

While it is apparent that the Martin Art Gallery has done a very good job at “friendraising,” we are always looking to extend the welcome to our far away friends.

The Martin enjoys a strong presence in the museum field and we are thankful that we have earned the respect of our peers and the love of the Muhlenberg community. I am glad that it is easy for students and members of the local community to get involved in the Martin Art Gallery. One can just stop by the gallery or attend a reception or lecture on campus free of charge without reservation.

Happily in this age of telecommunication, it is just as easy for members of our off-campus family to play an active role in the Martin Art Gallery. You can visit the Martin via our Web site at or become a member of The Friends of the Martin Art Gallery online.

As a Friend of the Martin Art Gallery, you can support the gallery’s old “friends” like Rembrandt, Whistler and Hopper, and you can take this opportunity to meet some fellow art lovers and make some new friends.

And, the next time you are on campus, remember to stop by the Martin and see some of your old friends. Paintings, like people, are happiest when you visit.


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