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| ’67 | Dennis Young has been the principal of Meadowland School for 25 years. Meadowland was one of nine schools selected from the state of Virginia as a Blue Ribbon School by the federal government under the No Child Left
Behind program.

| ’68 | Jeffrey W. Knauss received diplomate certification in clinical psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in February 2003.

| ’70 | Susan (Eppley) Landrith and her husband, Lee, celebrated 32 years of marriage in October 2003. Their daughter, Jenny, lives in San Diego; son Jeremy has completed a five-year enlistment in the Marines and is studying electrical engineering at the University of Nevada-Reno.

| ’73 | Carmine Grasso sends this news: “In January of this year I had the pleasure and honor to participate in a CDC initiative in the country of Sierra Leone in West Africa. I was part of a team that was performing a review and assessment of the country’s response to the HIV epidemic and to develop a plan for the Ministry of Health to guide their future endeavors. We spent several weeks there both in the capital of Freetown and in smaller towns and villages. Sierra Leone is one of the world’s poorest countries and suffered from 10 years of civil war that has only recently ended. UN Peacekeeping forces are still prominent in many parts of the country.”

Rob Richard ’74 (right) and Lars Bors-Koefoed ’74 outside Lars’ restaurant, the Hickory Notch Grill, in Maidens, Va.

| ’74 | Russ Brown is an independent consultant, coordinating fair and affordable housing efforts in Billings, Mont. He has won two national awards from the HUD for his community organizing efforts. His wife, Arlene, was elected to the Montana state legislature last year. They invite their friends and classmates to visit them in Montana! Bruce J. Cooke’s first book, “From Serfs to Kings – A History of the Baseball Labor Movement,” recently was published by Xlibris Publishers in Philadelphia. Bruce lives in Plainsboro, N.J., and is a food program specialist with the Department of Agriculture. He also tutors at Mercer County Community College. Bonnie Gustafsson has accepted a position as an analyst with MBS/Vox in Wayne, N.J. MBS/Vox is a consulting firm that performs linguistic analyses of doctor-patient communication. Jan Miller is especially excited that her latest play, “Sentimental Journey,” is currently in production! This 1940s retro with live band, singers and swing dancers is her most ambitious project to date. In addition to her theatrical pursuits, Jan is an art teacher at Florida Bible Christian School. On their way to visit with Les Wexler ’73 and other friends in the Outer Banks, Rob Richard and his wife, Helen, stopped in Maidens, Va., to eat at the Hickory Notch Grill. The restaurant is owned and operated by Rob’s old friend Lars Bors-Koefoed. “Lars and I were classmates and fellow biology majors,” Rob writes. “The last time we saw each other was at my wedding in 1978! It was great to see him again. I would highly recommend that any Muhlenberg alum who happens to be traveling down I-84, west of Richmond, stop at the Hickory Notch, to sample some excellent Virginia-style barbecue and visit a fellow alum!”

| ’76 | Cynthia (Hinaman) Charters recently moved from Pittsburgh to Cary, N.C., and would love to know if there are any other alumni in the Triangle area!

| ’78 | Gregory Cherney has been in private practice as a clinical psychologist for approximately 10 years, in addition to teaching doctoral students on a part-time basis. His work specialty is post-traumatic stress, dissociative disorders, police psychology and psychosomatics. Gregory, his wife, Cynthia, and their 9-year-old daughter, Talia, live in Shaver Lake, Calif. David Narkiewicz sends this update: “After 21 years in private practice as a trial lawyer in the Philadelphia area, I joined the Governor’s Office of General Counsel in Harrisburg in early 2003 as Chief Information Officer and Deputy General Counsel. In this position I am able to combine my legal technology knowledge and my trial experience in working with the more than 500 government lawyers in the Executive Branch. Because of the job change to Harrisburg, my family and I moved in August 2003 from Montgomery County to Hershey, which is where I grew up.” John Reichl, CAPT, USN, is commanding officer at the Great Lakes naval training center. He plans to retire in June 2004 and will return to the Lehigh Valley to take an executive position with a local corporation. In the meantime, he invites anyone whose children or friends are in training at Great Lakes to give him a call, and come for a visit!

| ’80 | Keith Cacciatore spent the summer of 2003 managing his daughter’s little league softball team to a second-place finish in the Pennsylvania State tournament. The team won district and sectional championships but was defeated by Milton, 8-6, in the championship game. Keith’s daughter, Virginia, was a second baseman on the team. Keith is an attorney in private practice in Bethlehem concentrating in real estate, elder law and personal injury. He is also a staff attorney for the Pennsylvania Auditor General.


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