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We all have dreams;
what a commendable feeling to know that you helped make someone else’s come true.


Kate, a high school senior and daughter of a single mother, has dreamed of going to Muhlenberg College since she first drove by the beautiful campus ten years ago. She has already been accepted through early decision but knows that her attendance will put a heavy financial burden on her mother. She anxiously awaits her financial aid notification in the mail.

Steven, a Muhlenberg junior and avid varsity football player, sees the incredible improvements he and his fellow teammates have made over the past few years. As they continue to work hard and grow even more, Steven dreams of becoming even more renowned and threatening on the Division III national scene. He envisions new and improved practice equipment to help the Mules progress. He has one year left to leave his mark on Muhlenberg history.

Shannon, an ambitious Muhlenberg sophomore, has wanted to be a pediatrician all her life. She dreams of healthiness, happiness, and making a positive difference in the lives of our youth. She knows that what she learns at Muhlenberg is crucial to her success, especially in her applied laboratory work. With consistent upgrades and the most efficient and safest laboratory equipment, she knows that Muhlenberg will adequately prepare her for her future.

Benjamin, a retired, successful graduate of Muhlenberg College, sits and reflects on all that Muhlenberg did for him in his long career as an actor. He dreams that all other Muhlenberg students receive the same opportunities that he did. He reminisces about his intellectual professors, lasting friendships, and having a place to call home.

Thanks to you and your support of the Muhlenberg Fund, our students can fulfill their dreams, and you are helping make their future and society’s future even brighter. A gift to the Fund helps cover all of the College’s operational expenses, from financial aid awards, to athletic and laboratory equipment, to even paying for electric bills in classrooms and dormitories. In addition, every gift we receive by June 30, 2004, will be matched by a challenge gift from the Atlantic Philanthropies, which will make your gift even that much more significant in the lives of our students.



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