Every day these students experience the impact The Muhlenberg Fund has on campus. They attend challenging classes, participate in athletic programs, and hold important roles in campus organizations.

Every night these same students – as phonathon callers and supervisors - share those experiences with alumni, parents and friends of the College. They truly understand the significance and appreciate the value of every gift made to The Muhlenberg Fund. In fact, as students, they support The Fund themselves.

“I would not have the opportunity to attend Muhlenberg if it were not for the generous financial aid package I received,” says Christi Razzi ’05. “I give back because I know how crucial Muhlenberg Fund gifts are not only to myself, but to the College as a whole.”

Brian Kirchner ’05 considers The Muhlenberg Fund “an opportunity to benefit not only my education, but Muhlenberg College as a whole.”

Join students like Christi and Brian in passing on their appreciation. They, along with all of the phonathon staff, look forward to connecting with you and answering your questions about the current campus. Make a student’s night by helping The Muhlenberg Fund.

Pass it on!

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