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Reaction to the New Life Sports Center

Muhlenberg student-athlete, Tara DeMarzo ’06, delivered the following speech at the LSC Dedication on October 23.

President Helm helps unveil the new plaques in the Life Sports Center addition.

President Helm and Mel Kessler '59

Tammy Borman '83, Mark Paris '80 and Athletic Director Sam Beidleman '63

John and Barbara Heffer p'96 with President Helm

Virginia and Bill Miers '49

When I returned to campus in August, I heard the same reactions echoed by the fall student-athletes.

We all knew that there was going to be an addition – in the spring most of us woke up to the construction in the morning and strained to hear Coach on top of it during practice, but we never could have imagined how drastically one summer transformed our athletic facilities and therefore our lives here on campus. I checked the website for picture updates, and I had seen a virtual tour, but to actually walk through it on the first day back for pre-season, there was a level of shock and excitement. Personally, I was most overwhelmed by the attention to detail. There are actually kicking mule decals on the dumbbells, plasma televisions in the main corridor and a café full of smoothies and sandwiches. After spending a week of pre-season listening to the highly satisfied student-athletes, there came an equal level of excitement when the rest of my peers returned to campus.

The Sports Center bustles with students all day long. There is not one time that I have walked through the center (and I come at all times of the day, whether it’s to work out in the morning, meet with Coach in the afternoon, or watch a field hockey game at night) – not one time have I seen the cardio or weight rooms empty. It’s amazing how many students are taking advantage of the facility— and not only the athletes, but all students. There is no designated time where the loft or weight rooms are closed for team workouts. However, now it is possible to have team sessions and still have enough equipment for other students to work out, as well. For instance, last weekend the softball team had a mile run on the cardio equipment. Two girls have ankle injuries so they rode the bikes. Another girl has a knee problem and she ran on the elliptical. We all did our mile alongside other non-athletes and then went back down to the field house for practice. A few days ago, I did sit-ups next to a secretary from the athletic department. A few days before that I was biking next to a girl from my English class. She asked me if I knew anything about lacrosse, and we talked for a while about the rules and watched the girls practice on the field below. Just yesterday I noticed a male student use the boxing equipment on the second level. I asked him what he thought about the new stuff and he told me a story that I feel exemplifies what this school is all about. He told me how he had written an e-mail to Athletic Director Sam Beidleman in the spring, asking if it was possible to get a punching bag somewhere in the new sports center. One e-mail, and there it is now – a whole new set of boxing equipment proving that the Life Sports Center is a building designed and devoted to the people of this campus community. From a parent that can enjoy a sandwich in between volleyball matches, to a student who can watch her favorite TV show while legging out a mile, this Sports Center has something for everyone.



George and Susan Fosdick P'95 and P'98, Carroll and Frank Marino, President Helm, Louise '76 and Keith Ordemann '76 and Beidleman



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