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Reaction to the New Life Sports Center

Tara has played field hockey and is a starting catcher in the women’s softball team. A native of East Brunswick, N.J., she is president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and is a member of the Faculty Committee on Athletics and Fitness and the Cardinal Key Society. Tara is vice president of membership development for Alpha Chi Omega sorority and she is an assistant sports editor for the Muhlenberg Weekly. She majors in English and contributes time to many community service projects.


Ralph Sell '55, Marion Hendricks, mother of the late Willie Hendricks, Margaret Sell and Randy Helm

Anne and Ed Davis '60


I’ve hosted many student-athlete recruits over the past two years and although we are not a Division I program, the athletic facilities are still a significant part of the decision-making process when selecting a college. The time commitment and amount of energy put forth when participating in collegiate athletics requires a passion for your sport, and if the college you visit does not seem to display that same passion, then many people are apt to attend other colleges that do. Now when these high school students come on their recruiting visits, the athletic facilities are at such a high standard we will not lose any recruits based on the facilities. Now we are not only on the same level as other Centennial Conference schools, but we are above and beyond.

My own recruitment visit started when I heard about Muhlenberg from softball coach, Ruth Gibbs. During my senior year of high school, she refereed my final field hockey game and suggested I come visit the school. I met two girls on the team and was given a tour of the campus, and when we got to the Sports Center I was taken to the gym to ask and answer questions. I remember sitting in the bleachers thinking how wonderful the people seemed but how dark and dreary the athletic center was. It was the people, Coach Gibbs and the girls, that convinced me that this was the right place for me. Now, sitting in the coach’s glass encased office, overlooking the turf field, it is obvious that the quality of the facility finally matches the quality of great people at Muhlenberg.

The Life Sports Center goes beyond this facility and extends into future projects. As a current student, I feel lucky to be given these opportunities. When I graduate and hopefully reach a level of success and accomplishment that everyone here today has reached, I will give back whatever I can to widen the opportunities and experiences of the future students of this college. So this Life Sports Center therefore indirectly inspires many of the projects to come.

As an English major, I was tempted to search for the symbolic meaning of the Life Sports Center. I’ve decided that, combined with the Center for the Arts, this facility forms a book end to the campus. These two buildings are a clear representation of the mission of this liberal arts school. The Center for the Arts symbolizes the dedication to the arts and culture. And now this athletic facility is a true representation of the dedication to the health and well-being of the campus community. Muhlenberg College prides itself on its dedication and success of a rigorous academic program. Structurally, the heart and nucleus of campus is its academic buildings. Now they are book-ended by the appreciation and recognition of arts and athletics – a truly liberal arts environment.

I feel lucky to be given such great opportunities here at Muhlenberg and this center is a great representation of the dedication of the school to its students. Herbert Brooks, the U.S. ice hockey coach for the 1980 Olympics is quoted as saying, ‘Great moments are born from great opportunity.’ So, again, thank you. Thank you for giving us such an amazing opportunity, and I hope that you will share with us the great moments to come.

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