July 6, 2020

To the Muhlenberg Community,

The attached statement is a commitment by the Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees to stand against racism and stand for equity and inclusion. While it is not our custom to make public declarations, we are compelled to add our voices at this time. 

Our Board is an increasingly diverse group currently numbering 33. We represent different backgrounds, occupations, life experiences, levels of education, races, ethnicities, religious practices, genders, orientations, political views and geographic locations. Many of us are alumni, some of us are parents of students or alumni, and a few of us have no personal connection to the College. What binds us together is a genuine affection for Muhlenberg, a deep dedication to our institutional mission, and a fiduciary responsibility to prioritize the interests of the College above our individual interests.

While our many differences enriched our conversations and challenged our thinking, it was our common commitment to Muhlenberg and mutual respect for each other that enabled us to engage in the required dialogue and deliberation. The statement, which has the unanimous support of the Board, is the product of those committed conversations.  

The purpose of our discussions was not to resolve every issue or reconcile every difference. Rather we sought to develop a statement that focuses on the chronic challenges faced by Black Americans. We recognize that the topic of racism is much broader, but also recognize that in order to affect change it is important to concentrate our efforts. We believe our words make clear that we stand against racism in any form.   

It is a declaration of direction and intent. It is supportive of the college community.  It looks forward. We recognize that our greatest opportunity to influence meaningful change in our society is to pursue meaningful change within the Muhlenberg community—to live into our Mission and embrace our core values.

We invite everyone to engage constructively in this ongoing dialogue and partner to the betterment of our community. Our liberal arts education will serve us well in this critical work.

Richard C. Crist, Jr. '77, P'05, P'09
Chair, Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees


Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees
Statement of Commitment

Black Lives Matter. The Board of Trustees of Muhlenberg College acknowledges that the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have sparked a reckoning in our nation and our institution. Our society must address conduct that devalues, marginalizes and destroys the lives of Black people.

We hear the voices of students, faculty, staff, and alumni calling for Muhlenberg to commit to anti-racism and social justice because they are moral imperatives. This work is central to our educational mission.

As leaders of the College, we affirm that Muhlenberg will do better and more to dismantle racism and injustice. As trustees and alumni, we stand with College leadership, students, faculty, and staff in our pledge to learn, act, and transform Muhlenberg College. We are committed to being the just, equitable, and inclusive community compelled by our mission.