An Introduction to the Process

The Diversity Strategic Planning Committee has developed initiatives associated with each of its six Diversity Strategic Planning Goals.  The Committee then solicited initiative submissions from the College community – faculty, staff, students, and trustees.  

Subcommittees of the DSPC engaged in an initial review of these initiatives.  All submitters were asked to indicate which goal(s) their initiative addressed.  In some cases, subcommittees felt that a particular initiative might be more closely aligned to a goal different from those named by the submitter; in those cases, initiatives were considered by the subcommittee under the new goal.  If you do not see your initiative beneath the goal under which it was submitted, look for it under other goals.  All submitted initiatives appear on at least one of the following pages.

Subcommittees were asked to assign each initiative an initial ranking, based on how closely the initiative supports the goal, as well as other factors – the cost of the initiative, the scope of the initiative and the impact of the initiative on the community.

Green Dot

GREEN:  This is an initiative that the subcommittee feels closely aligns with its Goal, and deserves closer study.  A cost estimate will be undertaken by the DSPC as part of the prioritization and initiative decision-making process

Yellow Dot

YELLOW:  This is an initiative that the subcommittee feels will need further study and deliberation by the DSPC before advancing to the next round of deliberations.  The initiative may have a narrow impact, or may be prohibitively expensive.  It also might be too aspirational to accomplish in the first Diversity Strategic Plan.

Red Dot

RED:  This is an initiative that the subcommittee feels does not align closely with its particular goal, or may not be an optimal use of the College’s limited resources.  At this juncture, the subcommittee likely does not intend to pursue further work on this initiative.

HOWEVER, these rankings should in no way be considered FINAL.  It is also important to note that they are the rankings of one subcommittee, not the entire DSPC – in fact, you may see the same initiative ranked differently by different subcommittees.  This online Gallery Walk is an opportunity for the community to see each subcommittee’s initial rankings and respond in a constructive way.  Please give us feedback; it will be crucially important as the Committee proceeds with its work in the weeks to come.  We will be accepting feedback through this website through Wednesday, April 30.

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