Goal 2 Initiatives

Green Dot

#16 Faculty/Staff Diversity and Safe Space Training

This proposes required diversity and safe space training, including how to work with LGBTQIA students, for all faculty and staff.

While there are logistical issues to be worked out, the subcommittee felt that the entire campus could benefit from such training—faculty and staff in terms of better relationships with students, and students from a heightened sense of safe space and inclusivity on campus.

Green Dot

#24 Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This proposes adding the option of gender neutral bathrooms in any building with more than two bathrooms, as well as considering adding additional bathrooms to buildings where there might not currently be enough bathrooms to support a gender neutral option.

The subcommittee supports this concept in principle, while recognizing that there are logistical issues to be resolved.

Green Dot

#29 Grant Program

This proposes providing grants to encourage enrollment of students from “nearby cities” (i.e., Allentown, Bethlehem, Philadelphia).

This is currently being done.  However, we might name the grants to publicize that it is being done and to encourage nearby students to consider Muhlenberg more strongly.

Green Dot

#30 HYPE

This proposes providing steady, reliable funding for the already-successful HYPE program as a way of engaging the local community and connecting Muhlenberg students with local high school students.

This program has proven to be successful on a number of levels.  It seems well worth the modest funding level that would be required to allow it to continue.

Green Dot

#37 LGBT Center

This proposes the creation of a unified resource center for LGBT students on campus.  It points out that such centers exist on a number of college campuses (including locally), and suggests that such a center here would “create a visible, supportive space for all members of our community to develop an understanding, acceptance and support of LGBT issues.”

The feeling on the subcommittee was that just as we recognized the need for a Multicultural Center a number of years ago, we seem overdue for an LGBT Center as a way to support and retain LGBT students.  An alternative idea might be to establish the LGBT Center on the second floor of the Multicultural Center and move Education Abroad to another location on campus.

Green Dot

#46 Redefining the Red Doors

This proposes ensuring that the College “will redefine a new symbolic meaning for the red doors to communicate our values of inclusiveness and equality.”

The subcommittee supports this initiative in principle, while recognizing that arriving at a campus consensus about exactly what this new definition means, and how it will be implemented, will be difficult to achieve.

Green Dot

#55 Provide the necessary financial and academic support to recruit and retain diverse students; prioritize fundraising for need-based financial aid.

This proposal urges the College to make funding and fund raising for diversity an urgent priority.  It envisions efforts to go beyond whatever the initial funding is for the Diversity Strategic Plan by adding to that funding via targeted, strategic fund raising.

The subcommittee supports this initiative in principle. 

Green Dot

#56 Assess recruitment, enrollment and retention patterns.

This initiative is also covered under the Goal #6-Assessment umbrella. 

We support this.

Green Dot

#57 Pursue and expand partnerships with organizations that can help to increase student diversity (i.e., Prep for Prep, TEAK, Schuler Scholars, Princeton PUPP, Philly Futures, etc.)

This goal highlights and supports efforts that are already underway in Admissions to identify and forge relationships with foundations and community based organizations that can help connect Muhlenberg to college-bound students of color.

This is happening now.  It has been successful, and we see the potential for even greater success in the future.

Green Dot

#58 Expand staff and budget for the Emerging Leaders Program

This program has developed into a home grown Muhlenberg version of Posse.  It has helped to connect diverse students with each other, and has been a catalyst for leadership opportunities for diverse students.  This proposal suggests the possibility of two ELP cohorts per year, as well as listing ELP students on the boards in the Haas Rotunda.

There are details and budget issues to be addressed, but we see this as an already successful program, and an initiative deserving of additional investigation.

Green Dot

#59 Enlarge bilingual resources and international recruitment support

International students represent another source of diversity at Muhlenberg, and their numbers are growing. 

This initiative recognizes the need to augment support for international students, particularly around issues of health care, work permits, support during breaks, language support, and cultural transition.

Yellow Dot

#12 Early Decision Housing Policy

Proposes halting our practice of using date of deposit as a primary driver of first-year student housing choice.

Early Decision is important to the overall recruitment success and financial health of the College.  Anything that removes incentives for Early Decision adds risk to an already risky admissions equation.  Alternative option:  Use date of acceptance, not date of deposit, as a driver of first-year housing choice.

Yellow Dot

#38 Martin Luther King Week

Proposes sustained funding to create more robust programming for Martin Luther King Week.

The subcommittee is not opposed to robust MLK Week programming, but thought that this should not be the only multicultural programming targeted for special funding.  Is there a way to broaden this initiative?

Yellow Dot

#41 Multicultural Life/Athletics Joint Position

This proposes making permanent the current shared multicultural life/athletics position.

The subcommittee is not opposed to this, and in fact strongly supports the need for additional help in the area of multicultural life.  However, we want this position conversation to be shaped largely by the input of the Director of Multicultural Life and the Dean of Students, so while we support this in principle, we defer on specifics to those most directly affected by the potential shape and duties of this position.

Yellow Dot

#44 Posse Foundation Bridge & Scholarship Program

This proposes having Muhlenberg join the Posse program.

While the subcommittee supports the Posse concept, participation in the Posse program would cost the college approximately $2.65 million once fully implemented over a four year program.  Our Emerging Leaders program has become Muhlenberg’s home-grown equivalent of the Posse program.  If significant additional funding ever became available, we might want to do both.

Yellow Dot

#52 What I Wish I Knew Then

This annual networking event hopes to connect current students with ‘Berg alumni/ae who are/were invested in issues of diversity.  The goal is to help inform and retain students of color.

The subcommittee supports this initiative in principle.  The logistics, timing, and responsibility for implementation are still to be worked out.

Red Dot

#1 Adding Creativity to the Admissions Process

Proposes requiring students to write an additional “creative piece” as part of the application process.

Adding requirements results in fewer applications, which reduces selectivity.  We already have a test-optional admissions policy with the option of substituting a graded paper and an interview for test scores.


This subcommittee did not evaluate the following initiatives because they seem more closely aligned with other goals:

  • #19 Fitness and Wellness Diversity Presentation
  • #51 Wescoe School Mentoring Program
  • #53 Year End Celebration