Goal 5 Initiatives

 Green Dot

#7 Dana Scholars / William Allen High School Partnership

Sophomore Dana Scholars will engage William Allen High School students through "small-group tutoring, mentoring, and college and career support."

It would have a deep impact on approximately 30 Muhlenberg students and an indeterminate number of WAHS students at a modest cost.

 Green Dot

#65 Doing Work for Allentown

Cultivate, develop, and manage student researchers for numerous Allentown and Lehigh non-profit organizations that focus on neighborhood development and improvement. This can be done through a variety of courses: Research Design, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Senior Seminar, as well as through independent mentorship and coursework.

This program would have a deep impact on approximately 10 Muhlenberg students at a moderate cost, while helping local organizations in their important work.

 ‌Yellow Dot

#3 Cardinal Shuttle

Increased shuttle service to access local community restaurants and shopping "beyond the cemetery" to allow students "to experience the culture and diversity of our nearby community.

Facilitates access but does not create engagement.  Broad impact on students – if they take advantage of the opportunity. It is not clear if there would be a deep impact on members of the community.

 Yellow Dot

#6 Concert for the Schools

Proposes an invitation to local middle school and high schools with high concentrations of Hispanic, African-American, and Middle Eastern students to attend a concert and picnic at Muhlenberg, followed by periodic contact between Muhlenberg performers and students "asking them about music they listen to and books they are reading, etc."

Somewhat advances the goal; somewhat supports Muhlenberg’s mission; unsure whether it would have broad impact on the entire community or any particular subgroup of the community. Relatively high cost.

 Yellow Dot

#30 HYPE

Proposes financial support for the existing HYPE program at Muhlenberg, utilizing College students, faculty, and staff in mentoring local teens as digital story-tellers. 

HYPE powerfully aligns with this goal and with Muhlenberg’s mission.  It has a deep impact on a relatively small number of students and community members, but at a relatively high cost.

 Red Dot

#2 Allentown Art Museum Internship. 

Proposes housing support for one intern for the summer of 2014 at the Allentown Art Museum; anticipates other income sources in subsequent years.

Does not powerfully advance this goal because it is not specifically related to engaging diverse communities.  Compatible with Muhlenberg’s educational mission, but not diversity goals.  Narrow impact on the College community.  Does not address areas of diversity historically underrepresented at Muhlenberg.  Worthy program, but not related to diversity goals.

 Red Dot

#8 Diversity Appreciation Requirement

Would require students to participate in "a certain number of diversity events per semester," using a sign-in system to track attendance.  Suggests that attendance could be in lieu of one of the two HDGE required courses.

Could have broad impact but would be extremely difficult to implement, since it would require a change to graduation requirements, necessitating faculty and trustee approval.  Since the new HDGE requirement has not yet been fully implemented or its impact evaluated, this seems premature.

 Red Dot

#43 Partner with Local Businesses

Proposes securing student discounts at local restaurants and stores as a way of "bridging the gap beween the Muhlenberg and the Allentown community."

Somewhat aligned with this goal and Muhlenberg’s mission. Probably low impact (shopping and dining out are the hoped-for types of engagement with the community).  High effort to implement and maintain.

 Red Dot

#53 Year-End Celebration

Proposes an "all day/night end the year celebration" for students, faculty, and staff, "invite potential high school and transfer students (especially from underrepresented groups)." "Invite the community (especially ethnic food and craft vendors) to join the celebration."

Low impact and high cost.  While social activities geared to multicultural students are a good idea, this sort of programming should be undertaken through the Multicultural Center and SGA.

This subcommittee did not evaluate the following initiatives because they seem more closely aligned with other goals:

  • #13 Enhancing Career Success
  • #51 Wescoe School Mentoring Program