sedehi, diversity

The Muhlenberg College community is made up of people who have led, and are leading, very different lives – people of different races, with different cultural histories, different social backgrounds, different faiths, different bodies, different sexualities and different gender identities.

The College deeply values this human diversity, and encourages all community members – students, faculty, staff and alumni – to engage in ongoing dialogue with one another about who we are, where we come from, what we value, and what we can learn from one another about ourselves and about the world. This dialogue is particularly useful when it acknowledges that some community members are part of historically underrepresented groups, or have socially marginalized identities. This dialogue is even more useful when it seeks to counterbalance the negative impact of that underrepresentation and marginalization.

So at Muhlenberg, we talk about it – at club meetings, in residence halls, in the Dining Commons and on the sidewalk. But we also set aside special time for focused conversations. That’s where the Sedehi Diversity Project comes in.

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Fall 2021 Performances

Orientation Week:
Saturday, Aug. 28
for all first-year students

Community Performance:
Friday, Sept. 10, 3 pm

Free ticket required for the community performance.