Kim Hoeckele

Assistant Professor, Photography
Baker Center for the Arts


  • BFA, Georgia State University
  • MFA, Hunter College of the City University of New York

Teaching Interests

I believe that each classroom is a community of peers and within it a space for collaborative and inclusive learning. My primary teaching goals are to challenge students to be critical and thoughtful image-makers, and to provide students with the technical tools to become proficient problem-solvers. In each of the classrooms I teach in, I teach texts and visual material that both reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds and identities of students and expand their understanding of worlds outside of their own experiences.

Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

My artistic practice is a place for me to imaginatively reconsider the male-dominant viewpoints carried through literary, historical, and philosophical works of the Western Canon. Drawing from found images, objects, and texts, I construct work that quotes from and continuously reconfigures established narratives. Isolating found material from its sources allows me to examine gendered power dynamics inherent in art historical, commercial, and vernacular images and objects, and to build new relationships between the historical and contemporary that underscore and question what notions persist.

Professional Website

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